DJ Santo & DJ Suss One - Trina, Kim Or Nicki

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01. Trina, Kim, Or Nicki - Maino
02. My Chick Bad Ft. Nicki Minaj
03. 5 Star Bitch Ft. Nicki Minaj
04. Looking At Me
05. Don't Trip
06. Million Dollar Girl
07. That's My Attitude
08. Naan Nigga
09. Shut Up
10. Be Alright
11. Da Baddest Bitch
12. Pull Over
13. Get Fucked Up Remix Ft. Lil Kim
14. No Matter What People Say
15. How Many Licks
16. Would You Die For Me
17. Notorious
18. Whoa
19. Lighter's Up
20. Get Money
21. Crush On You
22. Big Momma Thing
23. No One Else
24. I Can Love You
25. Money, Power, Respect
26. Quiet Storm Remix
27. No Time
28. Magic Stick
29. Chillin Tonight
30. Pop Champagne Remix Pt 2
31. Download Remix
32. Hey Ho
33. Freaky Girl Remix Ft. Lil Kim
34. Break Up Remix
35. Get It All
36. Roger Dat
37. Getting Paid
38. Fuck Da Bullshit
39. For The Money
40. Little Freak
41. Get Your Money Up Remix Ft. Trina
42. Feel Free Remix
43. Itty Bitty Piggy
44. I Get Crazy
45. Handstand
46. Kill The Dj
47. Shaking It For Daddy
48. Sweet Dreams Remix

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Lyrically? Jean....

Grae, that is. Or even Rah Digga or MizMarvel

out of those 3

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but do they give good head? -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-


well, kim got those lips inflated.
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Kim would be a freak in bed,

Kim would be a freak in bed, Trina seems like a bitch and would be saying "no you didnt" looking like a bobble head all night, and Nikki is crazy and barely knows whats going on aroung here, she'd be doing the robot around the bed all night and blinking 1000 times a minute. Rap skill wise I wouldnt know Im a man I dont listen to women rap about gold dicks and shit
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look like

all 3 them chicks crazy -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-


nigga are u brisco? lol but nah trina is ugly as fuk and i wud fuck kim and nicki. I wud never gf any of them tho cuz i dont like ghetto bitches as girlfriends... but i wud love to have them as jump offs :)
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Come on lil homie quit

Come on lil homie quit frontin everybody already knows you wouldnt "gf" any of the 3 cause there not dudes. Just be yourself before you kill yourself its not that big of a deal anymore, move to Atlanta or San Francisco or somewhere the gays dont get drug off into the outback


lol why are you always calling niggas gay? when ur prob scared of pussy. everyone here knows u wear ur boxers backwards for easy access lol ur the yung berg of this site broo
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Actually lil man I didnt

Actually lil man I didnt call you gay you did that to yourself with the shit you posted, more specifically the PM you sent Screw that he shared for us all to laugh. Im not even sure what "the yung burg of the site" means. But Ill tell you bout pussy, not that I have to tell you shit about me, and I know you dont want to believe me but you know I dont have any reason to lie. One girl came over at 7 stayed till 9, now I have alil down time, get showered to get Samantha off of me and looking for music while I wait on another girl, who will be here bout 10:30, like 15 minutes so Im bout to bounce. (central standard time ofcourse)


lmao u sad loner, i cant believe u think niggas are gonna believe that sad story smh lol ur funny man, we all know you stay on the computer all day but ur funny trynna sound cool & shit, u loser lol now hurry up and close the computer before ur mom catches u looking at porn again and listening to rap music.
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Mehyar is a fucking fag. Bitch trying so hard to look tough with the half naked bitches on his shit but we all know you a fucking fag. Just cancel your log-in and start over lil man.... LMAO!!!

lol dis nigga again

? why wud a try to look tough on a website to a bunch of people i dont even know?, i prob wont ever see in my life?, what do i gain from that? god your lame, unlike u i come to this site JUST to download music, i dont feel right fighting with people on the internet, I only comment if i have an opinion about something. This is the last time im responding to u anyway.. and that isnt any random girl thats kim kardashian nigga the hottest chick u niggas have in the states and im pretty sure im the only one on this site that has a chance with her.
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While you were posting how

While you were posting how lonely I am at 11 o'clock last night I was balls deep in Jami. But like you said we dont have anything to prove to anybody on here, we dont even have to type these comments at all. We have no way to "prove" anything even if I wanted to. But what you write stays on here, you keep acting like you didnt type that PM to Screw, and I dont give a fuck how many dicks you suck, but dont be calling other people gay and talking bout how much you like pussy when its all a lie. And Kim isnt the hottest woman, yea shes hot but shes just another piece of pussy, just another crazy bitch, just another girl that you wish would just shut the fuck up. She IS just another random girl, and untill you relize that you'll be gay forever.
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stop sayin nigga cuz we know

myer or whatever u call yourself stop sayin nigga cuz we know u aint one and did u say kardashian was the best we had in america?? how could u say that u aint from here and u aint neva been here ay. u think u have a chance with kardashian please u gotta be black and hung like a horse 2 fuck with here plus u gotta be rich. i know u aint black and u probly more then likely dont have no wear near as much money as reggie bush. stop fantasiezing and i see beeter looking girls den kim kardasian on a regular here in the state so keep your forein ass off our shit. lame ass canadian
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Prove that this fucking fag Mehyar is fucking queer. This is the shit he PM one day>>------------------------------------> From: Mehyar To: Yung Screw 817 Subject: IM GAY SO WHAT! Date: Sat, 01/09/2010 - 3:02pm: So what if im gay? Thats me, I love to suck dick and lick balls so what! I bet i can suck better dick than you girl. You people are just a bunch of homophobic racist losers! I LIKE TO SUCK COCK SO DEAL WITH IT!!! ------------------------------------Stop frontin Mehyar, you fucking gay and you know it you sick FUCK!


my dad is black and my mom is half black u dumbfuck, im prob blacker then you'll ever be and i dont live in Canada bitch. u look like the biggest geek ever i swear, why you throwing up that satanic free mason 66 symbol?i can tell u dont talk to any girls.. lol


my dad is black and my mom is half black u dumbfuck, im prob blacker then you'll ever be and i dont live in Canada bitch. u look like the biggest geek ever i swear, why you throwing up that satanic free mason 66 symbol? lol i can tell u dont talk to any girls..
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GODDD DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

nigga youll fuck trina too

nigga youll fuck trina too stop fronting. lol ill fuck em all
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U crazy!

Trina is NOT ugly homeboy. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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nigga dont worry

nigga dont worry bout me worry bout yo e friends and not me fag -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-
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Lil Kim would get it Who

Lil Kim would get it Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

look how maino lookin

maino got 3 bad bitches on him and he lookin like return of the living dead..nigga i woulda showed all 32 teeth with them hoes on me...
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Haha gangstas dont smile

Haha gangstas dont smile fool!
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That pic of maino is from

That pic of maino is from urban ink, and trina kim and nicki aint really on him shit is super duper photoshopped, LiL Kim look like a zombie crawlin over his back and nicki aint really cute in the face to me, she got body but i cant dig her face....she got like sideways jap eyes ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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Tape was just ...

Coulda put a better mix together it came out aiight, i can't listen to Trina, never could, and Lil Kim funny sometimes but she losin it.. Niki seems to be where it's at since Foxy Brown cant talk
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]