50 Cent In Final Negotiations To Star Opposite Samuel L. Jackson In 'Home Of The Brave'

50 Cent is in final negotiations to make his second motion picture appearance in the upcoming film Home Of The Brave, opposite Samuel L. Jackson.

The plot revolves around three soldiers returning from the war in Iraq and trying to readjust to civilian life. Jackson plays a doctor who unravels during the course of the film.

Other cast members include Christina Ricci, Jessica Biel and Brian Presley. The film is based on a screenplay by Mark Friedman and will be directed by Irwin Winkler.

Ironically, Jackson turned down a starring role in 50 Cent's big screen debut, Get Rich Or Die Tryin', despite a longtime desire to work with the film's director, Jim Sheridan.

Jackson has stated on numerous occasions that he refuses to work with unproven rappers who earn roles simply based on their popularity.

50 Cent lashed out at the veteran actor, stating that the only role Jackson was suited for in his movie was a "crackhead," in reference to Jackson's past drug addiction.

Get Rich has grossed over $20 million dollars at the U.S. box office.

Home Of The Brave has a $12 million dollar budget and is slated to start filming on location in Morocco next month, with final production taking place in Spokane, Wash.

Source: www.AllHipHop.com