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To get started follow these few easy steps to download mixtapes:

1. Download and install uTorrent or Vuze (Both free)

2. Browse or search for the Mixtapes you want to download

3. Right click the torrent (under the word ‘attachment’) on the Mixtapes you want and click ‘Save As’, then click ‘Save’

4. Open the torrent file with the program you installed in step 1 and you're done!


So we just gotta try agen

So we just gotta try agen some other time?


I Use Frostwire,The Best P2P, Plus It Has Bit Torrent Built In Program! Get With The Real Deal Lil Buddies


hey whats up i use to use this torrents with limewire it worked great limewire stoped working so now im using frostwire and it says it dls when i go into the folder to open it it goes right back to frostwire like it didnt dl the tracks do u kno whats goin on i cant figure it out and i love this site thanx for ur help


all my friends use this site, but when I download a torrent I come up short? what up with that?



Torrent Pass?

What is the deal with the torrent pass?

Get the latest version of

Get the latest version of Limewire. It has a built in software that downloads torrents. have any more questions feel free to email me.
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Shit my bad wrong page edit out Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420
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Dumb Azz

Maybe you should lay off the crack and get off the computer and feed your kids.

downloading the torrents

tried downloading the torrents with bittorrent and azureus and it always says the same thing: problem connecting - timeout exceeded..wat do i do

mac users

so does this not work for Macs?

I don't know, do a google

I don't know, do a google search for a bittorrent program that's mac compatible


i thought i seen a bittorrent client that is mac compatible so i believe u wont have any trouble finding one.

Downloading Mixtapetorrent on a macbook

Can't seem to be able to download tracks on my macbook,How do i go about doing so?


I have a mac but i never downloaded azureus & anytime I download a mixtape it goes straight to limewire


works fine on my mac i had no problems
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a good bittorent prog 4 macs

i think the best bit prog for macs is called transmission you can download it on a site called

I have a mac and I use the

I have a mac and I use the mac version of Limewire


will this work for mac.


will this work for mac.

Downloading the torrents

I have the same problem everyone else has; I downloaded and installed Azureus and then when I went to download the torrent file it would not download. Azureus says connection error.

BitTorrent on Macs

I use BitTorrent on my Mac & have had no problems, downloaded strait hunneds of mixtapes, today - seeds, no peers...damn WTF

pour la musique

pour la musique

i've d/loaded

i've d/loaded AZUREUS..... the icon is up sayin AZUREUS 2? looks like a ZIP this right? anyway, still no luck with d/loadin!!!! HELP!!


yeah thats rigth. just install azureus and open the torrent file using azureus. if it doesnt work theres something wrong w/ ur computer and u might wanna check it out.

o.k....Azureus is now up and

o.k....Azureus is now up and running but..... where it says tracker status i get connection error??? any ideas? cheerz

f#$k this is

f#$k this is weird.... little brother is d/loadin but it still says connection error.. and theres a red angry face!!! haahaaa!!! it went blue 4 a second!!! is this how its meant 2 work?? cheerz (bloody red angry face!!)

not really

Braydead When the face is blue you are not connected to the tracker but you are connected to peers. You are probably getting that pharrel tape huh.

hahaaa! no im not gettin the

hahaaa! no im not gettin the Pharrell tape... its all good, MOP is d/loadin ok so it must be the otherz... big brother keeps goin from red to blue? Jay-Z & Biggie = no action! connection error on Mobb Deep? its all good though, like i said MOP is flyin along!! thanx 4 the help peoplez!!! peace

Yeah same for me

I couldn't get Jayz & BIG, or Mobb Deep either. That Pharrell was the only thing I could get earlier is why I asked. Do you have green face for MOP or any of them? Do you have a router also?

nah i aint got no green

nah i aint got no green face!! most of my guys are angry little red faces...hahaaa but if you go back pages its all good, INC FILES 7 is flyin along.. Little Brother keeps goin from blue back 2 ANGRY!!! funny shiz though!!! seemz to be o.k.... peace

Pharrell is downloading,

Pharrell is downloading, just tried it to see if it would. But there are no seeders or it wont connect to the damn caesar brooklyns finest.

Blue or green pill Batsonc

What you get for the pharrell. Blue or Green face? Either of you have router?

Old ones

yeah I think all the older torrents were before the UDP so you should probably get them with no prob.




I was havin no problem with BIT LORD... until that UDP or sumffin... came up.. whats up with that.. cant you guys go back to the old one.. now i have 2 bit n i can only download some on Azureus and some on Bit Lord and some dont work at all.... i get that NAT ERROR.. n Conection shit.. whats up with that... go back to the old one.. even tho it was slow.. at least it WORKED... Anyone can help me fix this problem.. hit me up THANKX.
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i use

i use downloads

4 real

im new to this whole web site and what the hell iz up wit dem blue face mo fuccaz help a nigga out

What does it mean?

What does it mean when it says "Connection error" or "Ok" on the tracker status and what can i do to make the downloads work?

what's going on????

i can't download no more??? what is going on?? i know how to download but i get no connection on my torrents.....fix the shit up mofos and stop making excuses about downloading with azures and shit like that...full of shiit. the reall hiphop lover..maaaaafaaarkers..

don't be a moron, there are

don't be a moron, there are thousands of peeps downloading these torrents daily - you need to fix your shit.

WTF damn site doesnt work anymore

WTF is wrong with this site??? like everyone said. why cant u download songs anymore???? it use to work great and it was pretty damn fast and now i have nothing... it doesnt do jack... why waste putting these files on here if they dont work???

if the site doesn't work,

if the site doesn't work, how is it that thousands of people are downloading mixtapes daily? Seriously, do you think I'd waste my time posting torrents that don't work? It's your connection
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you guys are stupid

Hey shut up this site works fine. If it works for thousands of people then YOU must be doing something wrong. So fix your computer settings or read the "Guide:How to download" carefully. I use Bitlord and it works fine for me everytime.
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i have probs sometimes

its funny because on my pc bitlord gives me problems downloading but when i use my macbook (transmission) it works on the same files that werent working! weird
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i'm french and i don't

i'm french and i don't understand how can i do for open the torrent file with azureus. please help me !! ShYne

just click on the torrent to

just click on the torrent to download it and when it asks what program you want to open it with, choose azureus
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ok thank u... but it don't

ok thank u... but it don't ask me anything. lol ShYne

find where the file

find where the file downloaded and click on it to open, then choose azureus when it asks


I use BitComet, and I have NEVER had any problems downloading mixtapes and DVDs on here. Maybe y'all should try BitComet and see if it will work for you. I tried downloading Azureus the very first time I started getting on this site, and it didn't work right for some reason. But BitComet does the job for me...