Betrayl - The Problem And The Answer (Hosted By DJ Scarface)

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01-Betrayl - Intro
02-Betrayl - Its Mine (Freestyle)
03-Betrayl - Livin For Pain (Freestyle)
04-Betrayl - Pray For Me (Freestyle)
05-Betrayl - Represent (Freestyle)
06-Betrayl - She Lookin For A Homie (Produced By Mastermind)
07-Betrayl - They Know (Freestyle)
08-Betrayl - Built For The Street (Freestyle)
09-Betrayl - Dead Man Walkin (Freestyle)
10-Betrayl - Schemen (Produced By Mastermind)
11-Betrayl - Killaz (Freestyle)
12-Betrayl - I See Em (Freestyle)
13-Betrayl - Interlude
14-Betrayl - They Playin They Self (Freestyle)
15-Betrayl - Not At All (Freestyle)
16-Betrayl - Its On (Freestyle)
17-Betrayl Ft. Q - Loyalty
18-Betrayl - I See Her (Produced By Mastermind)
19-Betrayl - Ya Style Aint Like Mine (Produced By Mastermind)
20-Kia Ft. Betrayl, Biz & Q - They Tryna Take My Life
21-Betrayl - Livin For The City (Freestyle)

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