DJ Nice And Handles - Thinking Ahead

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1. Intro (I'm What It Is)
2. I Gotta Get It
3. Step By Step Feat. Chunks (Prod.By Charli-Brown)
4. BANG! Feat. Aymik
5. 2's Up 2's Down
6. She Can Get It (Prod.By Dat Dude)
7. Flight School (Mixtape Remix) - Kanye West Feat. T-Pain & Handles
8. Memories (Charles Hamilton Cover)
9. I Remeber (Prod.By Chris Taylor)
10.Lights On Me (Prod.By Klutchhitters)
11.Clone Feat. K.Young
12.Different (David & Goliath)
13.This How I'm Feeling
14.Pray IV Reign (Mixtape Remix) - Jim Jones Feat. N.O.E, Rell & Handles
15.Crazy Remix - Shelly Renee' Feat.Handles
16.So Easy
17.Gettin' It (Prod.By Chris Taylor)
18.Check It Out (REAL HIP HOP)
19.Save The World - Trinity Feat. Handles
20.I'm Goin (Prod.By Chris Taylor)
21.All Of Me Pt.2 (Prod.By The Klasix)

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