September 7th - Western Hospitality 13 (Hosted By Jayrock & K-Dot)

| | Intro
2-Jay Rock - From The City
3-Bishop Lamont Interlude
4-Bishop Lamont - Bitches On My Dick
5-Nipsey Hussle feat. Young Tecc - Hussle In The House (September 7th RMX)
6-Stacee Adamz - Dry'd Up (Prod. By Young Prince & Purp)
7-Roccett - No Way You Can Win
8-Cinque - Shotty
9-Big Wy feat. Gambino - Skulls
10-Beeda Weeda - We Ain't Listenin' RMX
11-Dr. Dre feat. T.I. & Nas - Topless
12-Big Fase 100 Interlude
13-Big Fase 100 feat. Greedy Da 554 Boy & B-Fly - Western Hospitality (Prod. By
14-Roccett - Like Me (Prod. by Dae One)
15-Snoop Dogg feat. Sinful & Pharrell - Sets Up (September 7th RMX)
16-Samson feat. Dula-Mite & Semi Duce - Untouchable (Prod. by Prophet)
17-San Quinn - Rockin' Up Work
18-J. Wells feat WC - We Don't Give A Fuck
19-Dula-Mite feat Ques - Party Tonight
20-K-Dot - Bitch I'm In The Club
21-Jay Rock feat. Twista - Ain't On Shit (September 7th RMX)
22-Mikey V.I.P. - In My Hood
23-Big Fase 100 - Today Was A Good Day (September 7th RMX)(Synth by L's)
24-Conflict - Pressure
25-Ya Boy feat. Precise Music Group - Monster
26-Young Rook - Raw
27-Bad Lucc - Hate That I'm On
28-Haji Springer feat. Dogwood - Stay Fly
29-Jay Rock Outro

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