Yung Troops Presents - A Soldiers Story


01 A Soldiers Story (Feat Jabo)
02 Oh My (Feat Cynthia P)- Produced By Hmmusik
03 Jungle (Mike Check Freestyle
04 No Doubt (Feat Vibe)- Produced By Bigg Serg
05 Marcus Lattimore Speaks
06 Good Life (Feat Vibe)- Produced By Hmmusik
07 La Familia (Skit)
08 This Is It- Produced By Bigg Serg
09 Relay (Feat Tjay Red)- Produced By Bigg Serg
10 Work Ethic (Skit)
11 Currency (Feat Mayes)
12 Thermaflu Freestyle (Feat Vibe)
13 You And Me Freestyle (Feat Masing Ali)

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