DJ 31 Degreez & DJ Phenom - I Luv Hip Hop

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1. Common - I Used To Love Her 3:52
2. Talib Kweli - Everything Man 1:53
3. Common - The Light 2008 4:02
4. Talib Kweli, Joell Ortiz, Nina Sky & Blu - Hostile Gospel 3:59
5. Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Jay-Z, Kanye & Busta Rhymes - Get By 5:40
6. Talib Kweli & Mos Def - The Definition 3:19
7. Talib Kweli, Jadakiss, Papoose & Hi-Tek - Where It Started At 4:31
8. Common & Kanye - Southside 2:56
9. Common, Jadakiss, Styles P, Nas & Anthony Hamilton - Why 3:49
10. Talib Kweli - Independent Hustle 2:33
11. Talib Kweli & UGK - Country Cousins 4:04
12. Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks - The 3:25
Blast "kweli"
13. Common - Soul By The Pound 4:28
14. Common & Lily Allen - Drivin Me Wild 3:42
15. Common, Kanye & Mase - Jesus Walks (Remix) 4:35
16. Talib Kweli, Jean Grae & Ne-Yo - Hot Thing (Remix) 2:54
17. Erykah Badu & Common - Love of My Life 3:53

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This Is Real Hip Hop

Hot CD and im from the south i get sick of all these rappers talking about what they did or will do bout time hear something thats not only "lyrical" not all about what you sell or clam to sell and what car you do or don't have and how many bitches you fuck in your dreams. Rad has become a genre that you can be any fool out the hood or not and call yourself a rapper as long as you have the following a good beat (something you can fuckin "snap" to), a dance (soulja boy, shawty low and damn near every new south rapper), talk about drugs, money and bitches, and you are considered real. (note not talking about soulja gay i mean boy) Thank god there are still true RAPPERS out here thanx for the mixtape




I know what u mean man. I love how one rapper will get on the mic talkn bout how other rappers is fake. They just as fake fuckem. My boy spits and he real close with Baliz...the dude that made the Shawty Lo beat. They all talk bout how they got all this money n shit when they really dont. Dude Baliz just got his first Mercedes. He made 200 g's off that beat. They talk like they got millions...fuck outta here. But whateva aint nobody shootin nobody or nouthin 99% of these dudes rappin today are full of stories. its sick.


whussup wit dis old as musac

The whole point of this

The whole point of this mixtape apparently went right over your head... It's not "old musac"'s Good Music.

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NahhMeann wrote:
whussup wit dis old as musac
ignant ass

u guys need to fu kn chill,

u guys need to fu kn chill, if sumone likes to listen to Lo let em, there sumthin u guys like about talib and common and im sure theres sumthin other ppl like about shaty lo so yall need to chill smoke a blunt, and enjoy 420

good hiphop or not, it's

good hiphop or not, it's still all dated material

More Mos Def the better

Take it from a NewOrleans waynehead more Def the better!!!! MOS the realest


The last person I take it from is a waynehead...only chics like Wayne