50 Cent - Funeral Music (Cam'Ron DISS)



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that shit funny how 50 gonna act hard i cant wait 4 cam 2 lyrical smash his ass there is sooooo much shit on 50 cam could make an album dissin 50z life n career im really lookin foward 2 diz! n how he gonna kiss ass 2 jim n juelz ..wut 50 think jim n juelz gonna join gunit HAHAHA!

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this shit sucked, the people

this shit sucked, the people who think this is sick must have pretty low standards when it comes to rap.

man dis shit iz hot gggggg-

man dis shit iz hot gggggg- unit cam sucks and juelz and jim jones is alrite rugger rell and jr writer is colder than them. gunit has 2 much money and power if cam go and get his camp 50 will go and get his camp and dont 4 get gunit every member n gunit is richer than every member n dipset even yayo.

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money 4 what

are they gunna buy more bodyguards he aint poppin nuthin but his lips

this shit is not hot ...and

this shit is not hot ...and yeah every member is richer but gunit has been here for how long? yeah exactly

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g-unit baaaallllin

dipset has been around for aaaaages. lloyd banks career is only half as long as that of jim jones i mean we're talkin about rappers who were buying deloreans when they first came out so no just because dipset only blew up to make some money about 2 years ago doesnt meant they have been around for a shorter time than g-unit.
and whether or not you find this shit hot is down to matter of opinion cos its hard for alot of people to seperate themselves from the actual music especially in a beef like g-unit against dipset. This track is absolute garbage, but if ya put it into context, how 50 approaches camron, even tho the video = gay (and if you listened to that hot 97 convo with styles p its cos 50 is mad that people dont think hes from the streets anymore so this like his streetfame comeback), the lyrics actually go pretty hard at cam'ron and cut him down. Doesnt mean cam cant cut him down harder tho.

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dipset n g-unit came out da same time. cam da only 1 dat was rappin since da early 90s banks n jones came out da same time 2. jones juz been on a couple trax wit cam in da late 90s daz it im sure banks rapped on acouple trax 2 in da late 90s. g-unit juz got fame cuz of em n club bangers n dipset been spittin FIYAH in da streetz n dey got classic mixtapes

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dank where u gettin your info from cos i got shit that says different. no beef but even tho jim jones aint been rappin since early 90s he been hustlin with his dipset records label since mid 80s.(almost) Dipset had classic mixtapes when they used to be on their tape grind like every week but now they spend more time makin videos for youtube and lettin other djs put their shit together, the only dip artists puttin out tapes are the ones who are still hungry. Point is, dipset still been out for longer than the time that g-unit was formed and they have less money than the g-unit and since i aint talkin bout street fame dont bring that in cos i agree with what you said but it aint the point.

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mid 80s no way.. wat dipset record labels? cam was wit children of da corn in da early 90s he never created dipset yet n b4 dat he was b-ballin. i dunno were u got ur info from cuz it aint right.

thanks i just got owned

thanks i just got owned

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ma bad if you got cut i wasnt owning you just dont want the young ppl using this place thinkin dipset like some kinda miracle group that just sprung up yesterday cos even tho i hate g-unit, they came up in a very short time (mostly because of the doctor and blondie + the best marketing team) and that shit shouldnt get overshadowed by ppl who were playing in the yard at school while jim jones was talking up camron.

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doubt dat

50 has mo money den any dipset member but dats it nobody in gunit doin anything at all they all sleepin n 50 doin all da work...jim n juelz have their own clothing line juelz has his own store cam has a successful drink n cam makin movies while 50 jus staring in them n cam been in a classic movie paid in full wit an awesome performance n 50z movie was lame if nobody knew 50 nobody would c dat movie n all of dipset come up wit sick full length mixtapes dat r better den anything gunit ever put out. wat 50 been doin? makin children books HAHA i kno cam gonna diss 50 4 dat! n whoever joined g-unit basically ended their career like where da fuk mase at n nobody likes mobb deep n mop ne more so basically if u sign wit 50 ur rap career is over. n cam signed jim n juelz n cam signed n allstar lineup hell rell is 2 fukin ill. g-unit been ova in 04 n dipset is hot now n aint goin ne where. but money dont mean nething in rap like jd rich as fuk u think he good n bow wow rich as fuk he aint good az g-rap rakim kane krs dont have dat much money n dey untouchables. 50 rich cuz he got games clothes water dolls n other shit kids make their mommy buy them.

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I was afraid 50 would act all gentleman n shit by not hittin back.. but i guess he learned from the Game-beef.

Look at this fool

Man I don't like 50 and I sure don't like Cam. But the fool any chance he gets to promote beef he's on it. Game rips his ass every chance he gets and I've yet to see him handle him. 50 a bitch man and all the g unit fools that are going to jump on this ya'll fools too. I sure hope Buck sells cuz they all falling off. Coming with this week ass shit, I lost what little respect I had for the fool when he was dissing Puffy. That fool was dissing Puffy.

Go diss Jada and Game they fuck him up everytime.

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Go diss Jada and Game they

Go diss Jada and Game they fuck him up everytime.

lmao hea wrddddd

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steppin up the diss/beef game

this is why 50 is still on top, like it or not..... dude has a fuckin crazy work ethic.... it was only a few days ago that this whole beef was spawned.... not just a "freestyle-diss" dude drops a fuckin video... thats steppin up the whole diss thing.... is cam gonna spend some money on a reply video? if not he looks cheap... (btw ... im not a big fan of either 50 or cam but i do think 50 is smarter)

All I gotta Say is- DIPSET,

All I gotta Say is- DIPSET, DIPSET. Cam is gonna fuck em up, cant wait to hear cam's retaliation. 50 is richer but cam's n the dips got street cred. Im not sayin Cams gonna fuck him up, but i hope he does.


ay i have to say...imma fan of jim jones n maxb shit all of byrdgang...when it comes to cam nowadays id say he fell off..but i still support his shit..but 50 took it to a level..yall cud talk lyrics..and yall u dipset lovers cud get real mad behind yall computers..50 is dangerous he built his career like thin n he provin it..cam was the one talkin money on the radio show..50 showin him wut money is..this niggas low budget video is doper than most artist out right now..and the beat is bananas..yall cud keep hatin on 50..but when its all said n done..he still gon be livin lavish laughin!!

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we'll see about that, fagget

we'll see about that, fagget

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50 da snitch cam´ron fucks 50 up side down dipset for life!!!

music is a million dollar

music is a million dollar industry. Anybody invovled has the goal of making the most money and in order to do that you have to be popular enough to appeal to mass media. Street credit is the only thing dipset has, they are not versitile enough to make it to the top like G-unit. If dipset lost their "street cred" then they would be nothing that is essential to their existence. You can't say that their purpose is to make street hits and to "stay true to the street" they wan't to get all the marketing dollars avialable and get their money before they are phased out. 50 is simply smarter.

the hip-hop industry alone

the hip-hop industry alone is a billion dollar industry

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beef hood newz...

Yo listen up, word in my hood washington heights uptown harlem is that dipset have already 4 beef songs ready to face 50. Cam, hell rell, j.jones and 40 cal will feature in them. I heard until tommorow they gonna drop at list one of them! Today they be workin in studio on 2 more. Cam's first reply will be about 5 minutes of death!!! Word is cam is furious on them niggas! Its gonna brake hell on this one.This shit would be hotter that D-block - G-unit beef..

Plus the sure thing is that Elz want take part in this shit unless g-unit niggas adress him! Shame on that cause i'd realy love to hear my homeboy juelez burry dem niggas!
50 bitch bring ya best soldiers on this one. We're ready for u baby. Go an hide after this to that lil house of yours in connecticut bitch..
Maybe the yayo nigga will give us some realy hilarious moments tryin to beef up..

This shit would be hotter that D-block - G-unit beef..

no sides

im a straight up music fan, i dont care whos beefin with who, if the track is good im gonna bump it. Honestly this is one of fifty's worst records ever. Hes trying way to hard, and put this record out way to quick before he could think of any good lyrics. Nothing but pre-school rhymes, no kind of word play, he even struggles to stay on this easy slow beat. dam 50 its been a while since i liked a cam joint but at least hes funny in in his shitty tracks. no one cares if your street and hard except little kids, we just want you to make good records.

p.s. aint no one believing that you runnin around with automatic weapons trying to kill people that try you, cause there have been plenty of them and they all still breathing. no one cares if your street and hard except little kids, if you wanna sell music make good music, simple as that.

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He Aint Tryna Make A Hit!

4 u cats sayin dis trak suks need 2 fink 4 a second. 50 Aint tryna make a hit or even money out dis joint....He's sendin a message 2 camron..lettin him know its on and that he should'nt b so fukin disrespectful. Me personally i fink this is gonna b way more than on wax type beef...unfortunate 2 say i fink sum1'z gonna bleed this year! GREEF

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billy jean????

Man whos this monkey grippin the 50 snitch pink cz pistol? looks like mother fuc kin michael jackson's hands sonny, with all the white frilly shit hangin off too...i bet 50 takes a nice back rub after each scene of this whack ass video from this monkey.. and really comon who's tryin to put red rags in the video? it's gonna be a good look when Killa collabs with Game on this comback track, all red rags everywheres, with Capo and Game all khakid up, thats what i'm waitin to see.. fif acts like he donno who Dame Dash is? comon now curtis..cuuurrtttiissss...can't wait for this one to get Bloody...

and to whatever dummy that was, who said this is the big g-unit comback to the street video...mother fuc kers are in a GATED ESTATE...... all I seen was a couple a body gaurds, and a few paid hookers...real good look fif...and i pray a motha fucka comes on to read this shit too...

50 is still singing like k-c and Jo-Jo

this nigga was hot. all he hasnow is buck. comron is old though.

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50 Vs Camrun

FIf aint havin a bar let only 16 off Camrun. I hope Camron got sum
diss records for Fif other wise it will be over for him. Just look
Jim Jones in now a betta rapper than Camron how can dis be poss. Also I hope this will make Fif go back to how he used to rap coz
when him & Gunit made the diss records for Murda Inc dat shit woz Fire.Lets C which Rap crew realy runs NY!

G-Unit is over.

Dirtypaperz wrote:
FIf aint havin a bar let only 16 off Camrun. I hope Camron got sum
diss records for Fif other wise it will be over for him. Just look
Jim Jones in now a betta rapper than Camron how can dis be poss. Also I hope this will make Fif go back to how he used to rap coz
when him & Gunit made the diss records for Murda Inc dat shit woz Fire.Lets C which Rap crew realy runs NY!

Jadakiss - "Yea u got a felony, but u aint a predicate, Never the king of NY u live in Connecticut" Damn.
I gotta say when G-Unit first came out, i thought Beg For Mercy was hot, every track on there was fuckin fire. But since then G-Unit just sux, 5-0 should stick to singing. Every song D-Block puts out against 50 is crazy, they fuck 50 up badly. Same goes for The Game. Same will happen when now that he wants to fuck with The Diplomats.


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dis n dat

you all know what's more fucked up than badgering the english language? it's typing broken language. half of the posts are completely illegible. if you want to prove a point about who's the best rapper, or who's got the best song, at least make your post sound intelligent, not full of slang words that are completely confusing when you try to read them. it must have taken me a half hour to read 28 posts because of all these slang word abbreviations. just my .02. and by the way, Dipset and G-Unit both make horrible music. if anyone has street cred + lyrics, it's got to be D-Block.

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dipset for life?

you say dipset for life...yet on ur myspace you have 50 cent as one of your top friends...

50 is really funny

50 is so dumb that he thinks that he can fuck wit da dips!!!!That's why hip-hop in a way is dead look at that stupid nigga call 50cent tryin to get at Cam'ron WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENIN fuk u 50 dont try to fuk wit the hardest dumbass DIPSETTTTTT

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The Wackest of the Wack

Bottom line= Dipset and G-UNIT sux! This is just an attempt to get some publicity because dipset and g-unit are on their way down! Beef sells and anyone who feeds into this is a sucker!

G-unit vs Dipset

we all kno that dipset is local they dont hold no weight and at that dipset only got two nice nigga's thats J.R. and hell rell jimmy is ok everyone else is str8 ass cam was nice back in the horse and carriage days and what mean the world to you.we all kno that lyrically 50 is way better then cam,jimmy,and juelz cause they all suck the only nigga's thats betta then 50 in dipset is J.R. and hell rell and at that if the rest of dipset get involved none of them can handle lloyd banks so honestly dipset dont have a chance they will lose this beef weather you like it or not.cause if you listen to this track he sounded the same way when he ended ja rule.i aint gon front he lost the d-block and game beef cause he didnt respond but now he back on his ended niggas career shyt so i hate to say it but R.I.P. DIPSET ...

U really have no idea what

U really have no idea what ur talking about, not worth it to get into it...


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omg you motherfuckers crack me up gettin so passionate like as if its your fams or something.
You got the dudes like 'yeah motherfucker we'll se about that im gonna pop a cap in yo ass for hatin on tha dips/g-unit'.
You got them ones sayin 'dont worry g-unit/dips already won this'
then you got those essay motherfuckers sayin shit like 'the hip hop industry produces a turnover of a million dollars blah blah marketing bullshit'
Point is its just another beef. Cept this one is a good one cos its gonna split up so many hip hop ppl, especially gangsta whiteboys who now haveta choose between the dips and ggg-unit.
And please dont anybody say tony yayo will own whateva the fuck he wants to i mean listen to his new shit 'FlashDancin'. He's a fuckin pioneer ay...turned his second hook/verse into a fuckin 32 bar hook where he just kept sayin the same shit tryin to remember his lines. The only motherfuckers gonna be worth seein from g-unit takin stabs will be 50 (and his ghostwriters), banks(maybe), buck for sure, hot rod(beef makes him better), scrappy (oh fuck yeah) and hell 50 might even get eminem on a track, 'you don't know' had m&M sayin 50s enemies were his enemies and itd be worth it if em cbf to bring out his whiny voice and killer punchlines.
I dunno this beef got a whole lot of potential and i wouldnt mind seein one big gun fight where they all just kill each other and maybe people will go back to/start listening to the roots/common/talib kweli.


"its gonna split up so many hip hop ppl, especially gangsta whiteboys who now haveta choose between the dips and ggg-unit."

Why would you have to choose? If you are REAL you would now it for what it is, music. If you need to choose sides and can't recognize someone for there music, then your a bitch.

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you aint callin me a bitch.
but there are a huge group out there who love both groups. And beef separates alot of people who feel this kinda stuff is more than just music and get blinded by the beef hype so yeah it will split up alot of people and yeah they are bitches and i think im on the same level as ya.
All i know is personally this beef is no dilemma for me i'm loving it and hoping it means some fresh new shit lyrically and musically from these artists, especially cam'ron.


snitchset vs. gunot...can't wait.

For that dumb bitch saying "yo this aint need to be hot 50 sending a message to cam" what the fuck are you on? what message? "Look at me I'm a fucking monkey ass sell out with no street cred, fuck with me and I'll sing songs about you".


thiz shyt fuckin suck...wuts tha point 50 iz garbage...they jus waistin time...now let that nigga game come back..LMFAO..but naw mane that nigga cam bout 2 fuck 50 ass up....least jimmy not dissin..that nigga trash wit 50 also

Ya Aint Kno ABout Rap

Listen up meng all ya niggaz talkin about cam'ron can rap ? ......wa musik ya listenin 2 .....if ya niggaz say he can rap ....then start listenin to r&b .....be serious who says i got a panther ma panther is pink with ma green panther and also listen to da crunk musik shyt da song was hot but was cam'ron shyt hot ? ..haaha.......if ya niggaz think that 50cent and shyt then i dont kno ...who sold more than 20 millions copy in 2 albums ? ......can DIPSET do dat ?..ya decide....so ma niggaz even though banks only sold about 400 or w.e ....all this g-unit niggaz they dont need money no more ...if ya listened to the radio in NY then ya kno why ...and who gives a benli ..to a friend ? .........50 did dat 50 is a nigga dat if he likes u (no homo) he will make u rich .......dats it meng so all this beef shyt if bankz gets involved ..or buck or who ever yayo haha.....this is how it iz 50 vs. CAm....jones vs. buck.....and juelz vs. bankz .....so who winnin dat shyt ?....if dipset was around in the real hip hop era .....they woudnt mean shyt ...and listen up 50 cent he gon push cam shyt bac if he comes out ..so just sit down and wait 50 is sellin 10 million again iight ma niggaz .....gunit----------i like dipset but naw they dont sing rap.....they sing radio musik iight ma dudez b e z

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50 gives you a bentley cause no other nigga in the unit can afford shit! are them niggas finally getting paid?

killa cam 4 life

50 once again iz acting like a little bitch. giles is way better then ms jackson so hell smash g-unit with his diss. i mean 50 is doing music that is now more popular in europe than in usa i mean hes doing shit for white boys that dont understand wut the fuck is rap. im a european white boy and rapper too. fifty gon end like pac or like big cuz hell soon be dissin the whole industry and just wait the day till he start beefin with buck and banks. that shit gon start cuz fifty aint gon sell no more that much. hes beefin with ja rule the game shyne joe budden jadakiss styles p fat joe and now with dipset. fuck fifty hes the hater and same time the most hated.

Yes 50!!

"The Best Is Too Emerge and the GaYme Is the Watcher" Dr.Dre

Once again 50 shows that Cam Ron is a soldier that can get gun downed by the real G's.

what do these people mean 50

what do these people mean 50 dont want it with Camron, cam is a straight bitch the nigga ran from beef at ruckers if they met face to face cam would be scared out his mind 50 would give it to dat nigga, Camron isnt no gangsta he make u think that he ran from lil cease n them, them niggas old as shit G-unit is goin to end cam and whoever else get in it


G-Unit_crip wrote:
"The Best Is Too Emerge and the GaYme Is the Watcher" Dr.Dre

Once again 50 shows that Cam Ron is a soldier that can get gun downed by the real G's.

Just in case you didn't know, getting shot (and lying about how many times) and getting knifed doesn't make you a gangsta, it makes you a victim.

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"security wit red flags"

"security wit red flags" haha dipSet gunna kill dis nigga like everyothaa person dat got at him

g-u 1#

i hate this jealous ass DIPSET BITCHES.
Fucked up Lyrics
Fucked up Beats
Fucked up Flow
What tha fuck they doin
Far away from G U
1st they should learn 2 RAP
just talkin shit on a BEAT

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aright so 50's obviously got money i'll be the first to admit that. i'll also be first to say fuck g-unit, fuck buck, fuck 50, banks, ovliver and gayo...if 50's got his "baller" status....why put out such a lame diss video towards cam? lyrically fine the tracks aright, but if you're gonna make a video dissin a nigga, do it! Have a cam look alike in your vid and just shit on him. plain and simple.

BWS 4 life