50 Cent Ft. Tony Yayo & Hot Rod - Get Down (DIDDY DISS)

This is the DJ version...when the NO DJ track leaks I'll post it

"Puffy busy selling pimple cream"

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Yeah..50 back on that

Yeah..50 back on that shit...

do any of ya whites know

do any of ya whites know wich instrumental Who Kid used? It won't be long for hole world be screaming murda again !!

diss on diddy

diddy does not stand a chance going against g-unit.

not as good

this aint as good as the bomb diss dat was a good diss dis is bad
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good instrumental

can any1 tell me what's the name of this instrumental that whoo kid used on this diss track? or can any1 upload it or tell me where can i get it?...cuz i just love this instrumental..holla back


That beat is from a track called "Get To Poppin" by Rich Boy feat. Pitbull....produced by Timbo

Soulja Black

Can anyone upload Soulja Black's new mixtape it can be found at www.soundclick.com/thekeytothesouth it has the album cover and everything. That shit's hot.

oh damn

this track is good bun not enough pls god get chamillionaire to spit on 50 cent and then the g-unot is over is dead is over!
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Not sure what the sample is, but I remember Timberland using it on one of his last cd's.
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click to check ma own p diddy vs 50 diss track http://www.myspace.com/king6463