50 Cent - Straight To The Bank

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this shit is fire......no doubts about it the new 50 CD is gonna be a classic....5x platinum or the best selling album of da year for sure

by sayin "he's back" u also

by sayin "he's back" u also sayin he been shit for the last 2 years, good to hear Gunit fans admittin that. Now im gon listen to this.

Not Bad, expected more

Not Bad, expected more though, and im sure his album will be. Body Bags is better no doubt.


i'm undecided at the moment need to listen to it few more times

my first impression is its shit

and body bags is better without a doubt

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not the "real" straight to the banks...

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my bad

my bad i was wrong...


this is nowhere near hot ...

thank you

i think the song is hot...not 50's best but it's hotter than some of the stuff right now. and thanks to all above me who commented on the song not the group (g-unit). now will anyone help me count the number of dickriders and haters that will comment on this song with a fuck 50 or fuck game? ha


yeah i dont know how people are finding this to be hott its no where near hott its sounds old to me for some reason

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im laughin straight to the banks with this

hes laughin on you haters hahahahaha

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this is so wack i cant even

this is so wack i cant even explain it, how can you compare this to body bags? those two songs shouldnt be mentioned in the same breath

Ton da Don- i aint no 50

Ton da Don- i aint no 50 hater. his shit back in the day was tight, but all he gotta talk about now is money, which aint hip hop. it might be rap cuz he rapping, but if his album is gonna be at the same level as this, i sure wont buy it