Don Cannon - The American Legend (The Cannon Remix Album)

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Bay Guy-Cannon Remix
Fallin-Cannon Remix
Hello Brooklyn -Cannon Remix
I Know- Cannon & Detriot Red Collab
Ignorant Shit- Cannon & Detriot Red Collab
No Hook- Cannon Remix
Pray For Me- Cannon Remix
Roc Boyz- Cannon Remix
Sah-Weet-Cannon Remix

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the whole american gangstah

the whole american gangstah´s annoying!
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Jay-Z or Lil Wayne

Stop makin' mixtapes for Jay & Wayne. Shit we get it they are both popular, and it's all kids know about but damn stop makin' shitty tapes.

these are blends/remixes

these are blends/remixes
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Dude all I'm sayin' is that they are played out like the Jay-Z, remixes from the Black Album. Some bleds on this tape are alright thought.

you said it was a shitty

you said it was a shitty tape now you sayin they alright?
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Damn fool I said stop makin' shitty tapes, you can't tell a tape by it's cover. Cover looks straight on most tape and blends are dirty crack head booty hole. I guess I can't say tape suck cuz' people get butt hurt, it's okay though your tape has "16 comments" now people will check it out now...MAMON!

i dont think cannon checks

i dont think cannon checks mixtape torrents..... smh

many DJs do

many DJs do

youtube vid best lil wayne diss by young martini!


wut the fuk waz dat? you immigrant ass nigga get the fuk outta here

haha this is possibly the

haha this is possibly the worst attempt at rap i have ever heard. just listen to it, its hilarious.


supposed it is not completed ... =S


supposed it is not completed ... =S

Here we go again.....

here we go many times do I have to tell you MFIZZEL....aka Herb MCduff, that Jay-Z American whatever is played the f**k out. Ive been deejaying in Philly since 96' I know what remix and blenz are, your missing the point. DJ Giovanny & Jay-Z - I Am Legend Benzi & The Knocks Present Jay-Z - American G Funk (We Got The Remix Special Edition) DJ Dyce & Jay-Z - American Gangsta Grillz J-Love & Jay-Z - Top Of The Game 3 DJ Rah2K & DJ L-Gee Present Jay-Z The Brooklyn Gangster American Zeppelin (Jay-Z & Led Zeppelin)(Mixed By DJ Doc Rok) American Ironman (Jay-Z / Ghostface Mashup) Big Mike & Jay-Z - International Gangster DJ Skee & Jay-Z: The American Godfather Jay-Z & Von Pea - American Angster Jay-Z & MIDIMarc - American Beatmaker Stackhouse Recordings Present Jay-Z: S. Carter 3 DJ Klapton - Nas & Jay-Z: American Legends. Don Cannon - The American Legend Jay-Z & Tapemasters Inc: An American Gangster (Re-Loaded) DJ Cashis Kay - Blends For That Ass 3 (American Gangster Edition) Tapemasters Inc & Jay-Z: An American Gangster AMERICAN SAMURAI:RETURN OF THE GANGSTER(JAY-Z MEETS SAMURAI CHAMPLOO) MIXED BY DJ KAY-RIS etc....etc.....etc.....etc respect to Don Cannon and Tapemasters INC..

its simple, dont download it

its simple, dont download it then....i mean seriously who cares? you say "respect to don cannon" but essentially you're saying this tape shouldnt be posted cause its jay-z remixes. if you have a issue with the tape diss the DJ dont diss us just for posting the tape. DON CANNON made it. i mentioned that they are remixes/blends to the member that commented so they know these arent recycled tracks but original remixes/blends

It's Free!!!

MERKYA'LL if you don't like what u see GET THE FUCK OUT!! Stop being so fucken ungreatful, remember this shit is free cock sucking mother fucker.


Hey DJ nigga, how bout you come DJ my 4 yr. old cousin's bday-party and calm the f*ck down? U could use some Chuck E. Cheeses for real!!!



fuck i hope this isn't the

fuck i hope this isn't the whole damn tape!!!!!!!!!!!! i was gettin amped for more cannon beats then this!!!!

Where can i buy this mixtape from?

I can find it anywhere. If anyone can get me one get at me. I can paypal you money today. Also i'm looking for the real mixtape original version. Not a copy of it.