A$AP Rocky - LiveLoveA$AP


01 Asap Rocky - Palace [Prod. By Clams Casino]
02 Asap Rocky - Peso [Prod. By Asap Ty Beats]
03 Asap Rocky - Bass [Prod. By Clams Casino]
04 Asap Rocky - Wassup [Prod. By Clams Casino]
05 Asap Rocky - Brand New Guy (Feat. Schoolboy Q) [Prod. By Lyle]
06 Asap Rocky - Purple Swag Chapter 2 (Feat. Spaceghost Purrp & Asap Nast)
07 Asap Rocky - Get Lit (Feat. Fat Tony) [Prod. By Soufein3000]
08 Asap Rocky - Trilla (Feat. Asap Twelvy & Asap Nast) [Prod. By Beautiful Lou]
09 Asap Rocky - Keep It G (Feat. Chace Infinite & Spaceghost Purrp) [Prod. By Spaceghost Purrp]
10 Asap Rocky - Kissin' Pink (Feat. Asap Ferg) [Prod. By Beautiful Lou]
11 Asap Rocky - Houston Old Head [Prod. By Dj Burn One]
12 Asap Rocky - Acid Drip [Prod. By Soufein3000]
13 Asap Rocky - Leaf (Feat. Main Attrakionz) [Prod. By Clams Casino]
14 Asap Rocky - Roll One Up [Prod. By Dj Burn One]
15 Asap Rocky - Demons [Prod. By Clams Casino]
16 Asap Rocky - Out Of This World [Prod. By The Olympicks]

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Wack dis dude b bitin styles

Wack dis dude b bitin styles 5/10
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A$AP is WAcK?

A$AP is Dope got a clean flo Don't yall sleep of this cudi Robot916
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yes sir Clams Casino is raw on them beats www.zeitgeistmovie.com
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Gotta d/l this

People sleepin on this dude. This tape was FIRE.


CHECK OUT THIS DUDE FROM CENTRAL CA http://www.reverbnation.com/page_object/page_object_bio/artist_1457687#!/acethedeadpoetthepretape
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@KOKEUSG @creddyfruga decent tape