Beanie Sigel - The Playground Bully


01. Think Big (Jay-Z & Memphis Bleek Diss)
02. Kill A Jigga Man
03. Beanie Sigel Interlude
04. What You Talking Bout (Average Cat) (Dissin Jay-Z)
05. Interlude (Dissin Jay-Z)
06. I Go Off (Dissin Jay-Z) (Feat. 50 Cent)
07. The Ghetto
08. Chain Gang 2k10 (Feat. Young Chris)
09. Whatchu Want From Me (Feat. Max B & French Montana)
10. Where I'm From
11. Lets Talk About It
12. Spittin Bars (Feat. French Montana, Scarlett & Max B)
13. Ready For War (Feat. State Property)
14. So Much Trouble (Feat. D-Block)
15. Beans To The Rhyme
16. Never Snitch
17. Run To The Roc (Dissin Jay-Z) (Feat. State Property)
18. Bad Man
19. The Bad Guy
20. Philly Steelo
21. All For It
22. Tear Drops
23. The Answer
24. State Property & Wale
25. Cru Love (Throwback)
26. What They Gonna Say To Me?
27. Sicker Than Your Average

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he dont need to
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cuz he can't beans will eat

cuz he can't beans will eat him alive
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Beanz aint gon do shit. he a studio gangzta just like the rest of dem. "action speaks more than words" and dat nigga beanz sings about it, YA DIG?
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No Shit....

Freedom Of Speech IS A BITCH!!! These Fools Show They Knuckle Heads And Rap About It, Then Bitch About It When They Get Caught. Like Lil Wayne Appologizing And Saying He Dont Wanna Go Jail Because Of Drugs And Guns ... LOL ..... Fuck Kinda Shit Is That? Motherfuckers Should Be More Tenative With They Words Before They Get Lit Up Because Of Them. Then You Hear Stupid Fucking Songs About Their Sorrow For Their Stupidity. Then They Start Talking Shit Again, Like It Cant Happen Again. (T.I.) Niggas Is Bad, Why Try And Be Soft Bout Shit? If I Got My Homie Smoked Cuz I Was Popping Off, Id Feel Bad Bout Shit, Handle My Shit And Get On With My Life. This Nigga Make A Song, Cry, And Make Another Song Bout The Same Shit That Got His Homie Shot. You Know This Shits Gonna Happen Again. Love The Music, The Egos, Not So Much....
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it must take you 20 minutes

it must take you 20 minutes to post capitalizing the first letter of every word
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Been Doing It A Long Time....

Typing Is Pretty Easy When You Can Do It Alot.... Pine Fucking Ridge!

pleeez beans is the real

pleeez beans is the real deal. z cant spit close 2 beans. philly runs this shit notice all the nyc niggas want philly cats on ther team.....cause wer livin it notjus spittin it. killadelph 4 life