Beatsnblends Presents - Blame It On The Kush

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2.Plies - Plenty Money
3.Gucci Mane/OJ Da Juiceman/Yo Gotti -
4.Gucci Mane & Plies - Wasted
5.Lil Wayne/Drake/J. Millz - Everygirl
6.Clock Da Vigga - Better Than (Suck
On Dat Pussy)
7.Lil Ru - Nasty Song
8.Lil Wayne - Southside
9.OJ. Da Juiceman - Car Talk
10.Gucci Mane & Maino - Beat That
Pussy Down
11.Sponsored By Smoke Out Air
12.Hurricane Chris - Halle Berry (Remix)
13.Gucci Mane - Stoopid (Kush Blend)
14.OJ. Da Juiceman - Hands Itching
15.Gucci Mane - Off Da Chain (Kush Remix)
16.OJ Da Juiceman & R.Kelly - Superman
17.Gucci Mane & Lil Wayne - That Man
18.Young Buck & Plies - Fuck What They Talkin
19.Sponsored By Smoke Out Air Fresheners
20.Shawty Red Create Your Own Buzz Skit

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Nigga took lessons from Wayne and shit

This nigga called every fuckin DJ out to distribute this bullshit.. Nigga got 2 good tracks in 20 Mixtapes.. At least my 8 year old Nephew can relate and understand his speech, this nigga mumbles his way through an Album and everybody Get moist.. This whole thing reminds me of an episode of BoonDocks when this Big time Rapper that (can't rap for shit) is the talk of the town and moves into the neighborhood tryin to run shit and everybody is on his dick for a lil while..


nobody fuck with his kitchen!



You dumb

everybody fukks wit Gucci and if you aint from the south you wouldnt understand what he sayin he just got a nasal flow. Plus this aint even his mixtape its sumbody who made some mixes wit acapellas. Gucci dont gotta beg nobody to promote his shit they come to him.

man shut tha fuc up u hater

man shut tha fuc up u hater

Why do they got some bark

Why do they got some bark ass regs on the cover for blame it on the kush?

fo real...

shit looks like some bricked mexi. means i cant fuck wit this tape.

lmao good eye. I guess its

lmao good eye. I guess its the only pics of weed they could find. Imma download anyways, makes me feel like smokin' a blunt.
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Gucci - Featuring

I think he's almost incapable of rapping by himself now. the 4 tracks on this entire site where he actually is rappin alone is like 1 1/2 sentences deep the rest is hooks and production.
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THATS WHATS UP!!! gucci look like he taking a that gucci got his major label deal with warner bros he can stop all this underground mixtape shit and come out hard and rap about other things he ok he got flow but......