B.G. & Chopper City w/ Big Mike, Evil Empire & Wally Sparks - Play It How It Go #4

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B.G. shows you a little Southern hospitality with hosts Big Mike & Evil
Empire and Wally Sparks on the 1s and 2s. With the Chopper City rap
legend recently dropping his latest album The Heart Of The Streetz, v.2
this mixtape is serves as the official post-album jumpoff. This joint also
features exclusive Three-6, T.I., Yo Gotti, D-Block, Big KRIT & Y. Buck.

1 - Big Mike Intro
2 - Three-6-Mafia feat. Project Pat B.G. & Lil' Flip - Poppin My Collar (remix)
3 - B.G. feat. Hakizzle - Chopper City Got It Goin On
4 - T.I. feat. B.G. - I'm Straight
5 - B.G. & Maal Da Pimp - We In The Streets Man (LIVE From The 423)
6 - B.G. Speaks
7 - T.C. feat. Young Blaze - Holla Back 2
8 - T.C. - Back To The Hood
9 - Yung Joc - A Couple Grand
10 - Skip (UTP) feat. T.C. - I'm On The Block
11 - Jim Jones - Exclusive Freestyle
12 - Jim Jones - Play It How It Go Exlcusive
13 - Yo Gotti feat. Lil' Keke, Lil' Flip, & Slim Thug - Lean On Me
14 - Money Malc - Freestyle
15 - B.G & Hakizzle - Freestyle
16 - Pnc feat. UTP & Juvenile - Bubble Bubble
17 - Lady Dolla (Chopper City) - Ride That
18 - J-Hood - Banks
19 - Styles P & Team Arliss - Shoot Em
20 - Chopper City Boyz - Ya Know
21 - Tone Tone feat. B.G. - Holla Shawty
22 - Young Buck feat. B.G. - I Got Mine
23 - Hakizzle - Rockstar
24 - Quissey - Freestyle
25 - Big K.R.I.T. - I Just Touched Down
26 - D.Cooley feat. Maceo - Trap Clothes
27 - T.C. feat. D-Block & Malc - So Gangsta
28 - Lac (UTP) - I'm Tired

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1 bad thing

Only bad thing about this mixtape.... Its got T.I on it

you on some otha shit if you

you on some otha shit if you aint feelin T.I. cuz

yup. T.I. is tight.

yup. T.I. is tight.

ye i no

ye i am on some other shit cuz T.I is wack, holla if ya hear me come on man hes a sell out guy just like mobb deep.
Piff Jr.'s picture

i honestly dont know how u

i honestly dont know how u dont think that t.i doesnt have talent... he isnt the best rapper alive... but his style is crack and u have to admit it

How is T.I a sell out?

please explain...and how r mobb deep sell outs? may as well explain both...
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T.I.P. a sellout????

You don kno shit bot shit. who the fuk u listen to, bullshit "underground" cause they get no sales r spins cats like dialated peoples. Explain sellout, gets more money or pussy than you, which one. And I gess you seperated him from lil flip on here, and flip's "real" cause he does songs with beyonce, oh yah and let T.I.P. flame hiz ass and then apologize after he realized he was tossin pebbles at a throne. Go listen ta some T.I. albums, don jus listen ta radio shit n judge a cat off his singles.
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T.I. Might be feelin himself but the hood is not feeling him

T.I., and most underground artist, was the shit back when he was dope Boi fresh or should I say razor sharp catch me in action the definition of pimpin hard lately I been on a roll swooped up them old bo jacksons, sky blue on dem hoes white baseball kangol now I'm spiffy hell I might change clothes to dem smoke grey dickies Now he is another nigga talking big paper to those the streetz are needing a saving grace to deal with. The game done changed because the game is all about $change and not change. when the fans get to shooting at you, we say the streetz have spoken. I pray for all the families involved, but brotherz really have gotta realize what is occuring in the heartz of the oppressed and move wisely. It ain't about the money, he alwayz talked cake, itz about who and how you addrezz.
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you hittin glass

What hood in america aint feelin T.I.? An all white "hood" maybe? Speak 4 yaself cause the streets love T.I. as much as anyone in the game now. I respect your opinion not likin em, i can dig that, but dont say the hood aint diggin em cause nobody gonna back u on that. But school me on who the streets respect more than T.I.P., I'm curious, not bein a smart ass but I probly come from another city than u,i.e. i don no what the FU(l Ya rite bot 'is old shit bein dope, i'll cosign that, but his new shits raw to. I'll end this on a couple 'is old bars Pull up in a blue coupe that's damn near clear And Polo gear that won't drop 'til next year Be like this here, Cartier frames and Pierre Jouet wristwear T.I.P. your majesty's right c'here Notice when I came the dames disappeared, ya lames listen here To play me, ba-by, hey he, gone need a track from God featuring Jesus or Jay-Z
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But y'all need to realize that everyone is not gonna like what you like. Everyone has their own preferences. You should at least respect everyone's opinion. I don't knock people if they don't like the type of music or artists that I like...that's because they're not "ME"!


Hey, can sum1 repost the torrent, it dun work no more, much respects.