B.I.M. Boyz - From The Swamp 2 Mars Da Mix-Tape (Hosted By DJ Swamp Izzo)


1. King Intro
2. Dope Boyz
3. Trying
4. Song For My Hater's
5. Lol
6. God Of War
7. Gutta B Skit
8. Whip It Hard
9. Bout My Paper
10. King Skit
11. A Part Of Me
12. I Think I Got Her Hot
13. Just Go Slow
14. Flex'en
15. I Go In I Go Off
16. Never Run Up
17. Played Like Nintendo
18. Bringen In Money

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Saw them open up for

Saw them open up for somebody at a concert once, it was not good! i downloaded this tape to see how it sound without the bad sound arrangement and it's just as bad.. And why the fuck a Atlanta rap group have anything to do with "Swamps??" LMAO Find me a swamp in Atlanta and imma give em a pass.. nobody could make any sense outta this group, random..
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Dis shit just looks gay as

Dis shit just looks gay as fuck.

B.I.M Boyz

Poeple Are Going To Hate On You No Matter What You Try And Accomplish..Fuck You! You Cant Beat Me Any Way.Lol.What type of Bitch ass Nigga write a Comment on another Man anyway? Unless You Talkin Money.. Keep Bringen In Money Off Ya Tongue..Before It get cut it out yo Fukin Mouth..The Only reason Im typin is so you can show ya face..Then Ima Punch You Right In That MuthaFuka... B.I.M!!

These CLOWNS are the perfect

These CLOWNS are the perfect example of how everyone says hip-hop is dead. no it's just flooded with bullshit
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true dat

looks like a 6year old made the cover-010 ROTTERDAM REPRESENT-


Hip Hop Is In The Heart Hater..Not In Yo Lame Ass Mind..Take the time to LISTEN N not just HEAR shit..When some one is putting there Life into something..You support them..The fact that you dont know me or my squad while you talkin that CLOWN shit is grounds for VIOLATION..Face to Face me then talk that CLOWN shit.. Bet you wont be laughin then..Im a Gangsta You Lil Prick..Im not going to rap at you..Show ya Face So I Can Punch You In That MuthaFuka!

hiphop is dead??

highcountryking wrote:
These CLOWNS are the perfect example of how everyone says hip-hop is dead. no it's just flooded with bullshit
I dont know about being "dead" but i do know the game is turning gay as fuck with all this young homos wearing skin tight spandex, X-small T's, and big azz ugly sneakers singing tryin to spit knowledge. LMAO! Get the fuck out of here! This new generation is gay as fuck!! Bring the 90's back beetch!



Mixtape Cover

Yo, this cover is fuckin' classic.

Thank You..

Thanks for the Positve Feed Back..One Real Person out of Four aint Bad..
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at least

you didnt count yourself as a real person hahaha clown motherfucker-010 ROTTERDAM REPRESENT-