BMoney Grenier - The Canadian Invasion


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Hit the break to watch BMoney's new music video Mind Right!

BMoney Grenier - Mind Right from Joshua Grenier on Vimeo.

BMoney Grenier is a local Canadian musician. Not your average "hobby" musician you find on facebook these days. This young man has used the internet driven market to create himself a fan base from Canada to Europe. Also managing to receive well over 200,000 online hits in 2010 via online promo and his "google me" campaign. He can be found easiest online via google, facebook, myspace, youtube, itunes and many more online engines. Born in Toronto, Ontario CA, now working out of Edmonton, AB. and Vancouver,BC.

He is a producer/singer/songwriter/engineer/comedian with an album and mixtape that are unique in sound and character and also cater to our urban culture of the 2011 era. A beat catalog of over 250 instrumentals and over 300 songs recorded and mixed. Born in Toronto, Ontario CA, now working out of Vancouver, BC. and Edmonton, AB.

1. (00:03:38) BMoney Grenier - Mind Right
2. (00:04:29) BMoney Grenier - Raining
3. (00:04:00) BMoney Grenier - BizzNazz
4. (00:04:00) BMoney Grenier - One More Time
5. (00:04:00) BMoney Grenier - Feelin' Myself
6. (00:03:09) BMoney Grenier - Away From Me
7. (00:03:10) BMoney Grenier - I'm Kosh
8. (00:02:38) BMoney Grenier - I Don't Want It
9. (00:03:43) BMoney Grenier Feat. Joey Durt - Sunshine
10. (00:02:47) BMoney Grenier - Real Hip-Hop
11. (00:04:02) BMoney Grenier - Soon As I'm On
12. (00:04:39) BMoney Grenier - It's Going Down

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Dope shit. Download or get

Dope shit. Download or get left behind!


This muthafucka wants to blow up so bad that he's in all departments. We all know Canadians aren't that fuckin talented. The only one that's amazed us so far is Drake so it'll be a million years before yall inject another one of "your kind" into the American pop mainstream. There's a big difference between being HUNGRY and THIRSTY. LMFAO, don't hold your breathe. " ...BIAATCH! "
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u suck!!!

jst went on ur site and heard ur music and all the track is straight garbage... u fucking suck at rapping, honestly find somthing else to do... and u kinda look like Michael Blackson...

Suck a dick bitch !

I bet I'd eat'cho ass up in a battle you lame ass groupie! Fuck wit it if you think I ain't bout shit! Don't be mad at me cause ain't nobody feelin yo shit! I got plenty niggas askin to collab wit me. After two months this mixtape still gettin slept on. My site been up for only two months and I bet I got way more listens than you, fuck nigga. Got the nerve to pay Mfizzle's bitch ass off just to put your name up top. Fuckin robot rappin' ass cracka. Who the FUCK are you?! You know what, never mind cause to be honest I could give a rat's ass. LOL " ...BIAATCH! "

LMAOOO! This guy thinks he

LMAOOO! This guy thinks he knows music! Bahahahaha! That's funny. Canada has some of the TOP SELLING artists today. Neil Young, Nickelback, Drake. Don't go and say Canada isn't talented cause we can take over. There's just no music scene here. BTW, did you forget about a little group called Swollen Members? lol. They were at the top for a whiiiile! Classified's doing great. So shut your faggot ass and think before you say something. Canada has talent and you better recognize. 613 biiiiitches!!!! As for the tape, i like the music video, reminds me a bit of Method Man. Loving the intro too bahahaha. Shit got me fucking crying from laughter. Booooooondocks! Definitely gonna download this tape. Any Canadian artist that gets posted here gets an auto DL from me


K Prophet wrote:
Don't go and say Canada isn't talented cause we can take over.
ROFLMAO!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh man my rib cage hurts from so much laughter. WHOOOOT!!!

LOL You know, LMFAO! some shit jus speaks for itself!


Lol. Canada has some of the

Lol. Canada has some of the best talent out there. We're just stuck in the underground. There isn't a music scene up here. Canada has a lot of potential in music, but has nothing to push these artists forward. Hip hop has no voice up here. What you guys describe as "mainstream" in the states is underground up here.


The reason ya stuck is because ya fucking weak! There's no music scene up there cause ya have no talent other than Drake Cake. Ya have no voice cause you fucking suck PERIOD! LOLz!!

To the guy that said Drake

To the guy that said Drake is the only canadian that amazed us... You're a retard. Drake fuckinggg blows and all he did is make me think that canadians suck dick even more. 313 Motha Fucka