Budda Early - The Treatment (Hosted By Kid Capri)


1. Blow You Away (Prod. by Kid Capri )
2. Hard Body feat. Fe'Lon (Prod. by Technical Difficulties)
3. Kid Capri Speaks
4. Go Crazy feat. Kid Capri (Prod. by Wicz)
5. Drop It (Prod. by Green Lantern)
6. Westcoast Freestyle
7. Bowdown (Prod. by Kid Capri )
8. Arch Ya Back (Prod. by Wicz)
9. As We Ride (Prod. by Wicz).
10. Speak My Language feat. Uninvited Guests & Patback Jon (Prod. by Wicz)
11. Superman Is Alive Freestyle feat. Deuce
12. My Block feat. Don Conners (Prod. by Wicz)
13. Hold You Down feat. Tina Brown (Prod. by Kid Capri )
14. Believe Me Baby Freestyle
15. Road To The Riches (Prod. by Kid Capri )
16. Pop Off feat. Fe'Lon & D-Boy (Prod. by Scott Boogie)
17. Pay Attention feat. Blake Carrington (Prod. by Kid Capri )
18. It's Your World Freestyle feat. Young Ooh
19. Shoulders Bounce (Prod. by Kid Capri )
20. Black Tee Gang Mama Freestyle
21. We Here (Prod. by Technical Difficulties)

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