Bynoe (Of Tha Riot Squad) - Pain & Muzik 3 (Hosted By DJ Semi)

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1. Intro
2. I'm back
3. Roll call (ft. tha riot squad)
4. Bully
5. We gone ride (ft. tha riot squad)
6. Stop talkin' (ft. jay-z & 50 cent)
7. Interview
8. Riot squad is tha click (ft. tha riot squad)
9. Tha 1 r.r.s. (ft. tha riot squad)
10. Upper room (remix) (ft. tha riot squad & nas)
11. Throw it up (ft. stack bundles)
12. Give a what where you from (ft. tha riot squad)
13. Words from roc-a-fella
14. Boost the crimerate
15. Interview pt. 2
16. In da house (ft. tha riot squad)
17. Thinkin' y'all crazy (ft. chinx drugz)
18. Live from far rock park (ft. tha riot squad)
19. Dust ya shoulders off
20. Freestyle (ft. lord superb)
21. Ten hut (ft. stack bundles)
22. Back out (ft. tha riot squad)
23. Freestyle (ft. lord superb)
24. Outro
25. Outro freestyle (ft. lord superb)
26. Live on banned from radio (ft. tha riot squad)

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