Tha Riot Squad - Riot Or Diet 2 (Hosted By DJ Scoob Doo)

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1. Intro
2. We r
3. Free drugz 2
4. Cant tell us nothin
5. Im paid
6. Lookin
7. Riot jack
8. Ride
9. Crank it (riot mode)
10. R.r.s.
11. Skit
12. Bundles(rip)
13. Guns
14. Click clack
15. Mobbin
16. Fulltime g
17. Pain
18. Dont play
19. Hit yo ass up
20. Im tellin u
21. Riot squad boys
22. Gimme some head
23. Hate or love
24. Concrete jungle
25. 300 shots(bonus)

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old...but still a classic. RIP stack

riot sqidduad

sq,sq,sq,sq,sq,sq,sq,sqaud up yall slept on stack u faggots listen to that real hiphop my life is like a movie is the best mixtape of of 07' hands down . 100


Fuck the riot dare them niggaz take off Stack on a track and replace it with a wack ass rapper???? Stack must be really disappointed...shame on u niggaz and thats supposed to be ur homeboy? Let me tell u this...there aint no RIOT SQUAD without STACK BUNDES so give it a rest...REST IN PEACE BUNDLES THE BEST RAPPER THE GAME WILL EVER SEE