Ca$his - 039 To 227


01. Bloodychuck & Ca$his - Intro
02. Ca$his - Get Loose (Prod. By Sarom)
03. Ca$his - Choppen On Ya Block (Prod. By Rikanatti)
04. Ca$his - Hip Hop (Prod. By Rikanatti)
05. Ca$his - Smoke Session (Prod. By Rikanatti)
06. Ca$his - Sumthin You Said (Prod. By Rikanatti)
07. Ca$his - Ur Outta Here (Prod. By Rikanatti)
08. Ca$his - Bigga Than Me (Prod. By Rikanatti)
09. Ca$his - Here We Go (Prod. By Rikanatti)
10. Ca$his - Just Another Day (Prod. By Rikanatti)
11. Ca$his - Let U Live (Prod. By Rikanatti)
12. Ca$his - Take You Home (Prod. By Rikanatti & Steve Dang)
13. Ca$his - 9 Six Shit
14. Ca$his & Carlito Rossi Ft. Chamillionaire & Bloodychuck - What Up (Prod. By
15. Ca$his Ft. Kobe - No Time To Relax (Prod. By Top Flight)

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bole420's picture


cathis be going in on them tracks, niggas sleep on em...mybad haha
d wEEZY 1's picture

For Sure...

Cashis has always went hard. Some of his shit is nice and some is so so though. Ill atleast check this one out...
feROSHUSs's picture


cashis is either a hit or miss for me, most of his tracks arent 5star ipod worthyy aha,,is this any good?
Golden State Warriors's picture

From the looks of it seem

From the looks of it seem like niggas know him so i might fuck with this mixtape. {Golden State Approve}
J1stopBullshittin's picture

ill fuck with it on the

ill fuck with it on the real...say i i will
true_hustlin's picture

smoke sessions is dope...

smoke sessions is dope... even if he doesn't know how to smoke... did shady drop him?
bole420's picture

i heard better, but

but it gets a 5/10
geezyjerzey's picture

another nigga sounding like 50...WHY SOUND LIKE DAT DUDE?

is it just me or do this nigga sound like a broke 50? not feeling this dude, even though smoke session gonna get some play... just tell niggas its 50 so i dont have to remember dis dude name "ALL MY LIFE BEEN CONSIDERED AS THE WORST LYING TO MY MAMMA EVEN STEALING OUT HER PURSE"