Cookin Soul Presents Michael Jackson - Tribute To The King Of Pop


01. Intro
02. Beat It (Feat. Kid Cudi)
03. Remember The Time (Feat. 50 Cent)
04. Bad (Feat. Ludacris)
05. Skit
06. I Want You Back (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)
07. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough (Feat. Jay-Z)
08. Black Or White (Feat. Eminem)
09. Thriller (Feat. Notorious B.I.G)
10. Rock With You (Feat. Notorious B.I.G)
11. Smooth Criminal (Feat. 2Pac)
12. You Rock My World (Feat. Nas)
13. Outro
14. I Can’t Help It (Cookin Soul Band Remix)

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Funny Shit

FYI michael jackson died in 1988 in that pepsi commercial that set him on fire. Plastic surgeons then tried to put him back together and created that white dude that died yesterday.....


Since Michael Jackson was made of 99% plastic, he will be melted down and turned into Legos so little children can play with him forever. Just like he always wanted.
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lmfaoooooooooooooooo dude thats the funniest one I heard all day haha, good shit, ima spread that one, chester ass muthafucka

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If U hate MJJ So fuckin much then why u ont everyone of his cds on here riddin his dick u faggot....ur faggot ass downloadin all his shit...but u wanna look tough on the interntet so u disrespect the dead??? u where prolly raped as a child & holdin on 2 o grudge huh??? fuckin cracker ass fag......& u not black u faggot.....HAHAHAHAHAH 2 that....get off the kings dick....R.I.P. MJJ the "King Of Pop" always & 4-Ever...
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JayJayGemini wrote:
lmfaoooooooooooooooo dude thats the funniest one I heard all day haha, good shit, ima spread that one, chester ass muthafucka
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nigga get real

dmac513 wrote:
"im gone put yo punk ass on blast every time you post"..............haha god damn you lame as fuck for that one..your gonna follow him around and reply to all his comments..your gay as hell and lame as hell...get a life..are you even here for the mixtapes?
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i wasn't speakin for him i

i wasn't speakin for him i wasnt even defendin him...i was just pointin out how fucking lame/gay you sound when you say your gonna follow some one around and "put his punk ass on blast every time he post"...i mean do you know how fuckin lame that is?..and change your fuckin gay ass image...and that THATS WHATS UP you fuckin lame..
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ACTUALLY MR BACKWARDS HAT SLASH IM SO FUCKIN FAT I NEED TO GROW A SHITTY CHIN STRAP SO THAT I CAN HIDE THE IMMENSE FAT DEPOSITION ALL THROUGHOUT MY FACE AND NECK...michael jackson has an autoimmune disease referred to as vitiligo. it is a disease in which your body attacks your own melanocytes (the cells in your body responsible for making melanin-your natuarl pigment). But it does not destroy these cells in a uniform fashion thus you are left with these hypopigmented areas all over your skin. he therefore did plastic surgery so he can make his ENTIRE skin look hypopigmented and now with patchy blotchy irregular spots. and since he destroyed all of his melanin he was not longer protected from the sun...therefore he had to walk around with an umbrella and mask, because melanin protects you from skin cancer...hence Caucasians are more susceptible to skin carcinomas. TRUST ME ! i am a fourth year medical student who spent some time working with a plastics dr. out in cali. but to that fat fuck in the pic i was also born in raised in south side jamaica queens so from time to time i like to dissociate myself from the world of medicine and just verbally annihilate ignorant invalids such as yourself. and in case you are so bold as to write a response here is a link so you can look up some of the words in this response you dumb fuck. LONG LIVE THE KING...GREATEST OF ALL TIME 750 MIL RECORDS SOLD AND COUNTING!!!

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

R.I.P. Michael Jackson. It seemed to me like he was a very gentle soul, and a legend in his own right. A big loss. People never could get enough of him. F*ck the paparazzi and media, the man just needed some privacy. R.I.P. I wanna go to the school where you're going 'jrny724'. Good points, but your English writing/typing skills suck. As for the mixtape, thanks 'Raimann'. Props. Track 8 "Black or White Feat. Eminem" That mix was crazy! Track 11 "Smooth Criminal Feat. 2Pac" kinda worked too. "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough Feat. Jay-Z," came in at number 3. I applaud the effort. Interesting mix, good tribute. Nice work Cookin' Soul. I'll give it a 7.5 outta 10. "It doesn't matter if you're black or white." -Michael Jackson Support the real artists & DJ's. B-More signin' out...1
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The joke was funny, but the verbal whoopin as even funnier..

Jrny724, I haven't seen a verbal ass whoopin like that in a while, comparable only to Maddox. Bravo!

check this out im sure you

check this out im sure you all remember the thriller dance that these inmates did a while back well here is there MJ death tribute shit is funny but good Ps fuck these lames ragging on mike trying to get a laugh from somebody dude was untouchable and no one will top him so stop disrespecting him now that he died RIP MJ
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that is the gayest thing i have ever seen in my life LOL, prison??????? i hope thats a minimun security joint, cause they cant be killers
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it cant all be bad...

u might recognise your molesterer in that video
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Ahh hell naw..

i thought you was aiight peeps.. yo ass retarded for pickin on a dead man that did so much to help people around the world, and had all them false accusations against him that later them kidz said they wuz coached up by they peepz.. You got caught up in Media boo boo and didn't go and learn facts before you posted, i thought you had a head on ya shoulders, you just anotha punk bitch lost in TMZ world..
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NoOneNose Ririzzlm path-attic humanoids and puttin all of them artists on them original superb m jackson tracks is frrrruckin' em up (weak)

white people.........

First of all people I don't ever comment on here, too many lame internet thugs like gay gay. People shouldn't even respond to this hoe. I have been downloading from here for awhile now and this bitch stays on here, no life having slut. First I throught he was lonely(which he is), and just needed attention his mom didn't give him as a child, so he says things praying people comment and then for that split second he has a friend. Now I see he's lame for real, damn do you have a life outside the computer. You talking about MJ trying to be white but you trying to be black, and doing a horrible job at it. When you talk about rap artists and there mixtapes being weak, I wouldn't say anything, but you shouldn't talk about the dead, period, no matter what they did. But trying to understand this will proubly give you a headache, cause you so stupid. Dude you ain't got nobody Black/White don't accept you nobody like a wiger. But like the saying goes "If you knew betta you would do betta. I won't respond back cause you tough talk on here, and nothing in these streets

Maybe if gay gay wasn't so

Maybe if gay gay wasn't so stupid and did his homework he would be talking about the parent's. They sold there kids for money, maybe not the first but after the first case who would send there kids over without there supervision. Even the first to accuse starting thinking money, gay gay has no proof of anything, like someone else said when your inbred uncle raped you does it still brother you
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Good Work...

Very well put together this shit's hot good work. R.I.P to the greatest of all time.

go to the elvis page

who the fuck cares, this a music site. this cat sold more records than anybody ever. never convicted. he dead let him rest in piece.
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well said
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THATS WHATS UP!!! every one knows that when a black man is worth a lot of money the crackers want a piece of the pie so they lie cheat and steal they target ball players singers rappers and who ever else with paper>>>>>so you lames can thank MJ for the good music you fags D/L and sell and smoke meth 2 LET HIM REST IN HEAVEN WHERE HE AT because at the end of the day he still is a legend and his shoes will never be filled and his legacy will live on IM DONE WITH IT.
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it was a black doctor that was using him in the end... and when he was the sadest and worked the hardest he himself said was in his youth when motown worked him to the bone... i dont think it has anything to do with race people in the entertainment industry are used and cheated all the time that is the "nature of the buisness" as they say... the people doing the targeting are black and white.

rip mike GI stand up

rip mike GI stand up
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ms. JayJayGemini: stop talking shit

you know nothing about music stop posting bullshit you sound bitter and jealous and your theory about m.j. is way off bitch.. stop beliving everything you hear on the news but thats what americans do..they hear something on the news and run with it instead of getting the true facts.. RIP MICHAEL JACKSON ..and for the record fuck you and your kids jayjaygemini!