Curren$y - Covert Coup


01 - Bbs
02 - Full Metal
03 - The Type Feat Prodigy
04 - Blood Sweat And Gears Feat Fiend
05 - Life Instructions Feat Smoke Dza
06 - Smoke Break
07 - Scottie Pippens Feat Feddie Gibbs
08 - Ventilation
09 - Double 07
10 - Success Is My Cologne

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Spitta right on time with this. -Smokyo-
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nigga too high to make

nigga too high to make longer songs..o well..JETZ
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EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)
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EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)
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Sick lyrics, sick beats, sick tape what else did you expect from these two!Every track is album quality shit. FIX UP LOOK SHARP!


This goes good with my Qutie Pie.. 4:20 Baby! Smoke all day til my lungs collapsed!

Time to light up happy 420

Time to light up happy 420 to all tha Lime green & purp smokers

the type is bumpin

the type is bumpin
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I got luv for my nigga Spitta but i thought this was kinda weak? Only 10 tracks and they were short as fuck. Koopas Major Pain went 3xharder! ..And im not sayin that just cause im from Texas so dont get it twisted.. Is still worth a DL tho.
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THIS IS A VERY GOOD FUCKING MIXTAPE!!!! From start to beginning each song has it's own identity what the fuck! Tracks 8,9 and 10 will have you mesmerized and levitatin (get high first!)..
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i thought this would get me since its produced by alchemist but it didnt. its just something about this dude im just not feeling him, and it aint got shit to do with weed. just like trappers instead of talking bout shooting and thuggin hejust talks weed all day ,shit look at yall comments.*Fuck Your Comments*
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Pretty sure he don't talk about smokin weed all day on each track, but if you actually had listened to his shit you'd know that basically he talks about random shit, think about crazy stuff or fantasies and he just happen to be doing this while he smoke... So i guess you fail.... If it's over your head, it's best to ask or keep quiet about it.


this tape was alright but cham's tape went 5 times the fuck did tyga's bs stay up top for over a week and chams tape dropped after like the second day? oh well this tape is worth the d/l the age of high speed internet just d/l it and if u dont like just delete...a few of these tunes will leave u wanting more tho
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5STAR *42oEyez*

This site is a dictatorship

This site is a dictatorship. It is controlled by one person. He does whatever he wants. It wasn't up for longer cuz he took it down. This tape was way better than winners circle, too short though....
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This site fucking sucks now

We cant even carry a coversation here no more with mods moderating every single comment we post. Now it takes 24hrs just to post your opinion here! I dont post much but come on this shit is ridiculous! Also last time I logged in like a month ago there were nothing but spam on every page, whats up with that??

The moderated comments are

The moderated comments are temporary because of an increase in spambots
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You should do the CAPTCHA

You should do the CAPTCHA boxes for comments to stop spambots..

Definitely a good mixtape

Definitely a good mixtape but it dose leave you wanting more, shit spitta one of the only niggas that i would d/l a 40 song mixtape cause his songs are usually short

This shit is real playa


I cant stop listening to this

Im addicted to this shit! These beats are potent as hell!!