D-Block - D-Block Island



22 tracks on mixtape, 23 on tracklist

01. Aint Nobody
02. Next Generation
03. I Think She Likes Me
04. Murderous
05. Win
06. In For The Kill
07. Coward With Power
08. Till It All Falls Down
09. Time Is Up
Styles P
10. Money Hunt
11. Fire On Em
12. It's Over
13. Hood Star
14. Desert Storm
15. Cypher Got
16. Take It There
Sheek Louch
17. Rollin Deep Feat. Styles P & Bully
18. Slow It
19. Bring It Back
20. No Half Stepping
21. Venus Vs Mars
22. Youngtown Heist
23. Slow Down

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Nice!!!!>>Death's Brother,

Nice!!!!>>Death's Brother, Sleep
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Impressive tape

Look like Eastcoast kats aint' wasting an opportunity since the South biggest Rappers are in and out of Jail and one of the biggest names sitting in there now..
i think we gone see a huge onslaught of East-coast (North) shit in the next few months..
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That'll make JayJay's day right there

Hope the west has a revival also. Been waitin on Crook Eastwood G. Malone
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Could be the case, Im with

Could be the case, Im with growth, mostly, if it spur cats to take a step bakk and come correct, Im all for it! (Looks at Jeezy, Slim Thug and Jim Jones of the World)>>Death's Brother, Sleep
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Ooo Shit!!! when did this

Ooo Shit!!! when did this come out? this shit look hard
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This torrent has no info on any of the tracks. a lil upsetting.
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