D-Boss - Grind Season (Chopped Not Slopped By OG Ron C)


1. Back Again (Chopped Up)
2. This Is Why (Chopped Up)
3. Get Money Feat. Killa Kyleon & Kidd Kutta (Chopped Up)
4. On Da Grind Pt.2 Feat. Lil Keke & Yung Redd (Chopped Up)
5. On Da Grind Pt.1
6. When They Came (Chopped Up)
7. Shine (Chopped Up)
8. D-Boy Feat. Kidd Kutta (Chopped Up)
9. Me & My Girlfriend 2010 (Chopped Up)
10. Hustla Feat. J-Dawg & C-Moe (Chopped Up)
11. I Got That Feat. C-Moe & Kidd Kutta (Chopped Up)
12. It's You Feat. C-Moe (Chopped Up)
13. Hustla's Anthem (Chopped Up)
14. Real Talk (Chopped Up)

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Dont Know Who D-Boss Is

But I Sure Know The Nikka's He's Featuring Along With Og Ron C Chopping It Up!? This a Automatic Dl!
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Shut yo ol Seniorita mandel

Shut yo ol Seniorita mandel wearin ass tha fuck up. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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Why are you so homo kid?

WTF is up with you kid? Is it time for your meds or what? I see you chattin bubbles way to often, give it a rest, we all know your a lil five year old who still clings to his mommy's apron when it's nearly dinner time lol. Why you gotta act the hard man on a 'mixtape torrent' website? Why aint you out on the street bangin if your sooooo hard? Anywaaaaays Imma DL this and see what's up. REAL RECOGNISE REAL!



dope, dope, dope/10 OG Ron

dope, dope, dope/10 OG Ron chopped the hell into this. D-Boss has the type of rhymes and flow that's perfect for choppin up. Rhymes are filled with punches that just keeping comin at you over and over. Blaze to this.