Bentley International - Dancehall Style Vol 23


1. (00:00:11) Intro
2. (00:01:23) Serani - Mama Still Hungry
3. (00:00:36) Movado - So Special
4. (00:00:24) Assassin - Guide And Protect Me
5. (00:00:14) Bugle - What Dem Doing
6. (00:00:25) Fippa Maffia - Rolling Deep
7. (00:00:53) Elephant Man - No Queer
8. (00:00:05) Demarco - Wine Pon Deh Ting
9. (00:00:05) Buju Banton - Water Man
10. (00:00:24) Vybz Kartel - Dandy Shandy
11. (00:00:25) Serani - No Games
12. (00:00:44) Monsta Empire - Bad Fi Who
13. (00:01:01) Kiprich - Caan Cow We
14. (00:01:04) Kill Dem - Bounty Killer
15. (00:01:15) Movado - Dem A Fight
16. (00:00:25) Busy Signal - Nuh Tek Picture
17. (00:00:54) Bounty Killer - Killer From When
18. (00:00:17) Vybz Kartel - Murder Dem
19. (00:01:48) Bounty Killer And Einstein - Tell Dem
20. (00:00:29) Vybz Kartel - Inna Sky
21. (00:02:20) Movado - On The Go
22. (00:01:45) Bounty Killer - War Bridge
23. (00:00:37) Assassin - Simmi Down
24. (00:00:18) Demarco - Send Dem Home
25. (00:00:32) Bling Dawg And Demarco - Dun Dem
26. (00:00:15) Tok - Peppa Dem
27. (00:00:28) Capleton - Everything
28. (00:00:50) Assassin - Same Thing Again
29. (00:00:49) Bugle - Wait Your Turn
30. (00:01:02) Vybz Kartel - Nah Hold We Down
31. (00:01:25) Demarco - Standing Solider
32. (00:01:34) Movado - Overcome
33. (00:01:11) Vybz Kartel - Trailor Load
34. (00:00:35) Watne Marshall - So The Gangsta Ride
35. (00:00:34) Chino - Dem Gyal Yah
36. (00:00:09) Black Rhyno - Bend Over
37. (00:00:21) Aidonia - In Her Belly
38. (00:00:08) Elephant Man - We Ketch Dem
39. (00:00:35) Movado - Inna The Car Back
40. (00:00:36) Sean Paul - Dont Tease Me
41. (00:00:35) Assassin - Money
42. (00:00:21) Vybz Kartel - Work Out
43. (00:00:31) Bounty Killer - Mek Gyal Bawl
44. (00:00:04) Version - Look Gal Riddim
45. (00:00:57) Twin Of Twinz - How Come
46. (00:00:14) Flippa Mafia - Dem Yah
47. (00:00:38) Assassin - Nah Look Nuh Gyal
48. (00:00:23) Elephant Man - Nuh Linga

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bitches on da cover is RIGHT

bitches on da cover is RIGHT

which one would you pic the

which one would you pic the white asian or black

the asian or the white

the asian or the white bitch. props, jada


audiar wrote:
the asian or the white bitch. props, jada
all but on the cover is cute the asian bitch



you kno I looked at this

you kno I looked at this mixtape... saw under it that 5 people had commented on it already.. And instantly was like wat could they be sayin but dam look at those bitches... N I was right lol

hellllz yeah

asian bitch no doubt. never see asians with phatties.

damnit that white girl is

damnit that white girl is lookin fine too i wants both of em.

its about time!! Yo chinese assasin needs to download this..

..and learn how to make a bombohole cd without all de fucking racket. your cd's are horrible, almost as bad as rondon currently. cant really argue with free, but damnman they suck- no one can match youu? wit dat? hahah, a joker dem anyway back to FB - plenty of 'new' tunes on the riddims from early this as a whole is better constructed than the latest cash money, though that is good too...i will say this is one of the better 'new' cd's i have heard for the summer- this one and Iriddim volume 7 cd(look dem up on myspace)... coppershot is weak. thank you Father Bentley, bout time dem rudebwoy come thru LT mon, for real, love tunes, big up all dj's

best cd out right now

unlike many other cd's this one has many newer songs, and shares almost none of the same tunes as the bag of tapes around right now. nice riddims, nice mixing, you FB super nuff respect, easier for me to get to work niceness, for real!!!

White gyal a dweet

white gurls to di worrrrllllllddd... black chic gotta phattie no doubt, chiney ting can wine on de edge still, but white chic can balance pon de dic no doubt!

black chick is sexy still

black chick is sexy still

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bbombo clat them all got it, black chick fattie pon di sittin
Suppa_duppa_fly's picture

if it ain't shakin it ain't sellin'

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