Dave East - Change of Plans (Hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

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Division 1 hoopstar and Harlem native Dave East teams up w/ DJ Ill Will & DJ
Rockstar to drop his first Official Mixtape "Change of Plans." This Eastcoast MC
definitely isn't a lightweight with the flow so make sure u don't sleep on this
one if u respect dope MC's!

01. Poetic Justice (Prod By Konshince)
02. Dirty Money 1
03. Exhibit D
04. Devin The Dude Speaks
05. Thru Harlem (Prod By June)
06. Roger That
07. I'm No Star
08. Family Affair Feat Profit
09. Flexin
10. Music For The Mob (Prod By June)
11. Real Shit
12. Mayor
13. Noe Speaks
14. Kill Em With Success
15. Drugs
16. Livin My Life
17. Slow Jams (Prod By June)
18. Bbb
19. Another Family Affair Feat Money
20. Do The Math Feat Marcjus

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bole420's picture

swagger jack...

this nigga then jacked jim jones swag...hahah
hiphopchild's picture

he look like kia shine

[Gettin' Money, Niggas think I joined Illuminati]
balltillifall91's picture


jim jones is wack as fuck who would jock tht nigga.. DAT WEED ~they got money for wars but cant feed the poor~ GOT ME SCREWED UP
bole420's picture

arabic scarf, nappy braids or afro...haha

this nigga look like a jim jones clone....haha i wasnt talkn bout lyrics i didnt d/l this
balltillifall91's picture

d-1 for who?

whos he play wit DAT WEED ~they got money for wars but cant feed the poor~ GOT ME SCREWED UP
Willie D 713's picture


http://www.datpiff.com/Gucci_Mane__OJ_-_Back_2_Skool_Cartoon_Cartoon_Pa.v23235.html Not as funny as short bus shawty-I'd Rather Bang Screw-
dninc's picture

wasn't funny at all

They stretched one joke out way too long.
~Sig~ Nawlinz gumbo-fuse everywhere we go!, TampOrleans, AtlanOrleans, MiamOrleans, HoustOrleans, MemphOrleans, New YOrleans, Los AngelOrleans, OhiOrleans, TorontOrleans, OrlandOrleans, DallOrleans, PhillidelphOrleans. ~sig~
seany2paco's picture

Don't waste ur time

Anything with dj ill will and rockstar sucks. Don't waste ur time with this.
chop76's picture

You might want to listen before you hate

Cause dude got skill, I dont even like east coast rap that much but I can bump this, kinda feel like Im listening to Reasonable Doubt but just cause he sounds alil like a young Jay
Mark Waldo Ward's picture

I think y'all should listen.

I gave this a shot because if you read the tracklisting he's co-signed by Noe and Devin the Dude. Also I bet June the producer is June Summers who produced Marley and Me and a lot of viscous joints.
feROSHUSs's picture

speakin of which, is devin

speakin of which, is devin the dude any good on his own? i mean he kills everythin he is featured on but is his discography worth torrenting?---Jay ElecRamadaan Muhammad Asalaamica RasoulAllah Supana Watallah through your monitor
bole420's picture

devin coo

some devin music always coo to bumb he got some mixtapes on this site check out
chop76's picture

If you like pussy and weed

If you like pussy and weed then Devin is the shit, every album he has is good from "The Dude" to "Suite 420", you remember Dr Dres Chronic 2001 on the song "Fuck You", then this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQGmUzboXxc, and this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlWBhepiW6s, if those dont make you want to hear Devins music then dont worry about it
chop76's picture

Honestly I could post

Honestly I could post Scarface and Devin links all damn day, these will be the last two http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n46h2LM1TlY&feature=related, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjom-vET6H4
chop76's picture

So I lied

But Devin is the most underrated rapper of all time, I know he doesnt worry about mainstream success but every album he has should of went platinum in my eyes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwoMxnAHtXA&feature=related thats prob my fav Devin song right there
bole420's picture

im higher than martian fart like

im higher than martian fart like devin would say haha
ngibo's picture


Just seen on datpiff Scarface Last of a dying breed chopped n screwed classic shit.


this bumjuice was gonna sneak into the city pool when all hell broke loose...lol


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ACEbthename's picture

jim jones lookalike my ass

sleep if u want. lyrically this tape is sticky worthy. fuc what u heart and fuc wht u see. jimmy aint got shit on dave east. --Music Keeps The World Turning-- --Lyrics Keep The World Yearning--