DaVinci - Feast Or Famine (EP)


01 Davinci - D.R.E.A.M. (Ft. Dj Platurn)
02 Davinci - Where My Dough At (Ft. Young Gully)
03 Davinci - Paying For My Past (Ft. Tenille)
04 Davinci - Smoke The Night Away (Ft. Rae Rosero)
05 Davinci - Boomerang Principle (Ft. Ginger)
06 Davinci - Beer, Bitches, & Bullshit (Ft. Roach Gigz & C Plus)
07 Davinci - The Life I Live (Ft. Nio Tha Gift)
08 Davinci - Nothing Like Home

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Not bad lyricist,

Not bad lyricist, half-decent hooks.. but on track 1 it's a little too much shit goin on in the background, almost gave me a headache. Seem like the vocals need to be a little higher on track 2. I think with some better beats davinci wouldn't be dat bad holla atcha boi