Devin The Dude - Weed, Wine & Women


01-Yo Ho.mp3 5.55 MB
02-Cock Hounds.mp3 10.65 MB
03-Something like a pimp.mp3 6.58 MB
04-Toast To The Pussy.mp3 5.74 MB
05-Fucking My High.mp3 4.52 MB
06-Is that alright.mp3 4.16 MB
07-Beautiful Crazy.mp3 6.82 MB
08-The Best Way.mp3 8.14 MB
09-Strange.MP3 2.05 MB
10-Deez Bitches.mp3 5.63 MB
11-Pussy.mp3 4.38 MB
12-Porno Bitches.mp3 7.30 MB
13-Choosey.mp3 4.68 MB
14-Black eyed peas.mp3 5.01 MB
15-Gigglo.mp3 3.79 MB
16-It's Better.mp3 5.57 MB
17-Payin' for Pussy.mp3 5.59 MB
18-Like Some Hoes.mp3 5.12 MB

weedwinewomen.torrent34.9 KB

tha dude

yes my nigga about time yall put some shit up that you can smoke to and fuck a bitch to then do it all over again replaying tha whole cd ya dig haha im on one right now fasttt
DjHighT913's picture

old school

in my opinion devin the dude has an old school southern style. this is a good tape. if you like devin the dude, dirty boyz, ghetto boys, or too short, then youll like this.
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rider shit right here

devin the dude is really tha shit he got that sit back and smoke a blunt music