Dirt Gang - Welcome To Jurassic Park (Hosted By Trap-A-Holics & DJ Spinz)

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01 Dirt Gang - Intro [Prod. By Tm88]
02 Dirt Gang - No Ski Mask (Cam Feat. D Dash, Jmike & Dae Dae) [Prod. By Tm88]
03 Dirt Gang - This One (D Dash Feat. Nuke & Diego) [Prod By Tm88]
04 Dirt Gang - Yns (Cam Feat. D Dash & Jmike) [Prod. By Tm88]
05 Dirt Gang - Ain't Bullshittin (Nuke Feat. Dae Dae, Waka Flocka, & Sonny B.Ceezy)
06 Dirt Gang - Rambo (Dae Dae Feat. Waka Flocka) [Prod. By 808 Mafia]
07 Dirt Gang - Charlie Sheen (Jmike Feat. Slim Dunkin)
08 Dirt Gang - What I Want (Dae Dae Feat. Cam, D Dash & Jmike)
09 Dirt Gang - Young Nigga (Diego Feat. Nuke & Dae Dae)
10 Dirt Gang - Double Up (D Dash) [Prod. By Tm88 & London]
11 Dirt Gang - Me Myself N Irene (Dae Dae Feat. Cam & Jmike) [Prod. By Tm88]
12 Dirt Gang - Mind (Diego Feat. D Dash)
13 Dirt Gang - Get It All (Dame Feat. Diego & D Dash) [Prod. By Tm88]
14 Dirt Gang - Finesse (D Dash Feat. Cam, Jmike & Dae Dae) [Prod. By Tm88]
15 Dirt Gang - Hit Em (Diego Feat. Dae Dae, Jmike, Cam, Ice Burgandy & Ar Quest) [Prod. By Tm88]
16 Dirt Gang - Killing Em (Cam) [Prod. By Tm88]
17 Dirt Gang - Round
18 Dirt Gang - Danny Glover (Nuke Feat. D Dash)
19 Dirt Gang - Some More (Diego Feat. Nuke & Jmike) [Prod. By Tm88]
20 Dirt Gang - Hungry (Diego)
21 Dirt Gang - That's Bangin
22 Dirt Gang - My Little Friend (Slim Dunkin Feat. D Dash & Dae Dae) [Prod. By Tm88]

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RIP Dunk

Arkansas reporting Live from da slums. Indie Ceo Killagram letting da streets know dat da dirtgang aint bullshitin. I fucks wit dis shit tuff... "Okay now GANG--DIRT--SQUAD--BRICK" Dats shit bumbing and aint no favorite song. Al dat shit bumb... Fuck wit em. When I drop I hope u niggaz give me ear..Dats real... My first comment eva on here...Killa RIP DUNK