DJ 31 Degreez And Gucci Mane - Free Gucci Vol 2

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1. Bricks (Remix) (Feat. OJ Da Juiceman, Fabolous, 4:26
Eightball And MJG And Shawty Lo)
2. My Party (Prod. By Zaytoven) 1:43
3. Turn My Swag On (Trapstar Remix) (Feat. Soulja Boy) 1:22
4. Pussy Nigga (Feat. Nikki Minaj) 3:47
5. Bubble (Feat. Remi) 4:11
6. Watch My Swag (Feat. Yung Joc) 3:52
7. Accent (Feat. 9th Ward) (Prod. By Drumma Boy) 3:00
8. Loud 4:13
9. Pulled Up 4:17
10. 5 Star Hotel (Feat. Mr. Too Official) 3:35
11. Dat Girl 3:24
12. Triple OG 0:58
13. Shopaholics (Feat. Bobby Valentino And Nikki Minaj) 5:25
14. Photo Shoot 3:49
15. Red Bandana 4:14
16. Runnin' The Trap 3:53
17. Broom (Feat. Gorilla Zoe And Yung Ralph) 3:20
18. 3Ps 1:49
19. In My Trunk 1:48
20. Out The Park 2:22
21. Jet Lag (Feat. Big Stackssss) 2:45
22. Life And Times Of Gucci (Feat. So Icey Boyz) 3:09
23. Not A Stain On Me (Remix) (Feat. Big Tuck) 3:54
24. Doin' It (Feat. Nitti And 9th Ward) 4:10

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When Gucci Come Out He Gonna Have More Legal Problems. They gonna arrest him for arson because this shit is str8 FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go Gucci Go!!!

yea its an ok playlist

yea its an ok playlist nothin new Free Gucci
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We interrupt your current mixtape browsing to bring you a *Public Service Announcement* Coming live from channel 5 news...this is "Dear Santa Yousa bitch ass nigga" seems that there is a bitch ass nigga on the site...we would like to inform you to please stay away from this bitch ass nigga *picture of riley cakes flashes across the screen* the bitch ass nigga disease he carries is very contagious...its not even safe being on the same mixtapes he has went on...a quik description: he's a middle school dropout who goes to the library computer lab so he can stay updated with the latest mixtapes...sounds like he's still back in 2005 from the way he recites old jeezy songs like they're new...we will keep u updated as the progress continues now back to your regularly scheduled program

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free him

free my nigga gucci