DJ 5150 & Dre - NO To The BR 3


01 Dj 5150 - Call Dj 5150 - 707.418.8437
02 Calliope Var Feat. Mr. Marcelo & Lil Cali - I'm On It (Remix)
03 Delwin The Krazyman - Mobbin (Remix)
04 Delwin The Krazyman Feat. B-Raw & Level - Thuggin & Druggin
05 Lil Dee - To Tha Max
06 Mr. Marcelo - Mr. Marcelo Speaks
07 Mr. Marcelo - My Life Is A Movie
08 C-Loc Feat. Big Head - Top To Bottom (Prod. By Q-Red)
09 Bad Azz Ent - Letter To My Dog (Free Boosie)
10 Calliope Var - Calliope Var Speaks
11 B.G. Feat. Calliope Var - My Hood (Remix)
12 Shawt Feat. Scarface - Hot Love
13 Ray Vicks & Lil Boosie - Go Hard
14 B-Raw - I Got Swagger
15 Max Minelli - Channel Guide
16 Calliope Var - Calliope Var Speaks
17 Lil Cali Feat. Level & Tank Jones - Money Rite
18 Mr. Marcelo - I Don't Know You
19 Kevin Gates - We Dont Give A Fuck (Prod. By Mouse)
20 Louisiana Cash Feat. Mouse - My Bounce
21 Down Bad Feat. Lil Phat - Goin Ham
22 Ray Vicks - Rubber Bands
23 Kevin Gates - Seems
24 Big Poppa Feat. Shell & Hatchboy - Free My Niggas
25 B-Raw Feat. Ni$$ie (R.I.P.) & Delwin The Krazyman - Who Next
26 Lil Boosie & Ray Vicks - That Fire
27 B Streezy Feat. Lil Boosie - She Bad

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Collection of ancient tracks.. 3 recents... It's good if you ain't been on the up n up on Boot State music.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *
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not that ancient

not that ancient, i got only a couple of deez tracks... - Reppin H-Town By way of N.O.(K-Ville) -
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most is a lil old, still a good tape...but i like 1 better than 2 and 3... -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-

I dont know where u niggas

I dont know where u niggas heard all this to be "old" but i never heard this shit, New to me and i fucks with the NO
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8ball and mjg

ball and g got a tape out called ten toes down is it official, hay mfizzel will we get that?... -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-
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Can't believe the name Dre hasn't been licensed yet.. -Live Life Topless-
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yh i dont know why any new

yh i dont know why any new cats would even try to use the name DRE. you cant hear that name without thinkin of the Doc or Cool and Dre...
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y da fuck is lil wayne on da cover he doesnt even have a song

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