DJ Blaze & DJ Genius - The Supreme Team Vol 1


01 Rick Ross - Im Not A Star
02 Montana Da Mac - Girls Gone Wild (Feat Stuey Rock) (Club)
03 Nation Ft Tha Joker - One Mo (Street)
04 Stuey Rock Ft. Roscoe Dash - Whats Up (Dirty)
05 La Da Boomman Ft Coco - Big Red - Stupid Ass Bitches
06 Mike Fresh - Hotel Party
07 Fki Ft. Travis Porter - Koo Koo
08 Flo Rida Ft. Lil Wayne - Fresh I Stay
09 Bun B (Feat. Yo Gotti & Gucci Mane) - Countin Money (Dirty)
10 Yo Gotti - Bmf (901 Freestyle) (Dirty)
11 Translee - Ayo
12 Playaz Circle - Juug
13 Yung Joc - Yeah Boy (Dirty)
14 Lil B (Based God) - Pretty Boy
15 Cashmere Ft Kevcity - Bad Bitch
16 Waka Flocka (Feat Uncle Murda & Ra Diggs) - Live By The Gun
17 Trina - Vampire
18 Roscoe Dash - Harderst
19 Slimm Duddy & J.Jennings - Who This,who That (Prod. Triza)
20 Swizz Beatz - Gucci Time
21 Lil Boosie (Feat. Webbie, Foxx & Lil Trill) - Better Not Fight (Dirty)
22 Fki Ft Travis Porter - Red Cup (Dirty)

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Thats all they are

Little kid comic book rappers. If you are 19 or older and listen to any of these fukn clowns on the cover, HANG YOSELLFF or shoot yoself in the fukn mouth!
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...... $Tha 1 Hit Killa$
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Dnt get mad cus you a fuckn

Dnt get mad cus you a fuckn kid and i dissed your super hero you sweat under your belly fat motha fucka. go whipe that grime off from under your titty you fat fuck.
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Get A New Cover And Never Use Your Graphic Designer Again!

Call Me A Hater And I will Love You. But This Cover Is What Gets The Artist Ready To Sue Your Lame Ass Artist And Dj For Thinking Its Ok To Pass A Mixtape With This Cover, And If Im Wrong Please Correct Me N E Body Please, !!!!! and if you like it you a lame as well , my ass looks better if you put it on a mixtape cover., Man You Just Made Gucci Look Like A Homo ! and everyone on here looks bad! And Yes I Will Have My Graphic Artist Make You A Mixtape Cover If You Want FOR Free! If You Thinking Im A hAter I CAN DO BETTER!!!!!! EMAIL ME! Please do
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Sorry but this shit is funny

Sorry but this shit is funny they got jezzy looking like he's ready to save a hoe. {Golden State Approve}

Does every rapper want to be

Does every rapper want to be a superhero now? Most talk about saving the game, but the game will only be saved when everyone stops rapping about it. It's like watching the clock; that's when it moves the slowest.
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Retard squad. -what you smoking smell like pine, no that ain't dro-
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LOL@ ya'll

LOL@ the thought of Gucci Squeezing his gut into that plated outfit, lookin like a Manly Missy Elliot lol
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I only clicked on this gay ass shit to see the comments... that's some funny ass shit right there!
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very funny

this shi... is funny but i hade some then