DJ Burn One Presents Rittz - White Jesus: Revival

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01 White Jesus
02 Die
03 Walking On Air
04 Paradise Ft. Nikkiya
05 All We Know Ft. Jihad
06 Crazy
07 Fulla Shit Ft. Big K.R.I.T And Yelawolf
08 The Love Above
09 High Five
10 Pie Ft. 8Ball
11 Injury
12 Blowin My Mind
13 So Strange
14 Nowhere To Run
15 Bloody Murdah
16 Sleep At Night Ft. Yelawolf
17 Wishin

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bluntsworth's picture

Big KRIT and now THIS?!?

The first white jesus was surprisingly and interestingly a good mixtape from front to back, Hoping this shit is good too.

Big KRIT and now THIS?!?

yo, can't hate on K.R.I.T! lol, he has a nice delivery and his content ain't a bunch of garbage....
THEE_GINN's picture

Definitely don't judge a

Definitely don't judge a book by its cover, did that on the first one. Was surprised on how good it was, half of the mixtape is from the first one but the new shit is dope.
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Just ok..

Nice beats but some sound like Drake/Cold Playish style especially toward the end.. When he rap it's mostly random jibberish to display how fast he can rap, not really saying anything of content, i slowed it down to see if he was actually telling a story and most of the time he's just saying random blah blah but he makes it sound good by using words that rhyme 5 out of 10.. Not really bump worthy.
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DL this here


Drake/"coldplayish"? you tryin to hate? or doin it on accident?