DJ Clue - Hev E Components Pt 2

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01 Intro
02 Jadakiss- Put Your Hands Up
03 DJ Clue ft. Beanie Sigel & Freeway- Comin For You
04 R.Kelly ft. Jay Z, Boo & Gotti- Fiesta RMX
05 Into Deep (Sex, Money and Murda)
06 Styles P- Some Niggas
07 Nas- Tales From the Hood
08 Beanie Sigel, Freeway & Jay Z Freestyle
09 Lil Kim ft. Jay Z & Notorious BIG- Queen Bitch RMX
10 Cadallac Tah- POV Anthem
11 Prodigy ft. Bars & Hooks- Outstanding
12 Big Pun- How We Roll
13 CO-D's Freestyle
14 Beanie Sigel Freestyle
15 Boo & Gotti Freestyle
16 Freeway & Memphis Bleek Freestyle
17 Some Niggas
18 Mic Geronimo ft. DMX- Shit's Still Real
19 Cappadonna ft. Ghostface- Super Model
20 Angie Martinez ft. Q-Tip- Dem Thangs

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who the fuck wants all these

who the fuck wants all these ol skool mixtapes, if u dont know them tracks by now - YOU NEVER KNEW HIP HOP FUCK ALL THIS OL SKOOL SHIT WHATS NEXT? A BIG L AND KOOL G RAP REVOULUTION OR SOME SHIT

your fuckin wack kid. this

your fuckin wack kid. this is when rap was rap. and not crap

WHAT LOL........

This is real hip hop what u mean. The shit now of days isnt rap. Soulja boy and no hip hop. Hip hop is Dead.