DJ Cosinus Presents - Make It Rain (Official Blood Raw & B.R.E. Mixtape)


01. DJ Cosinus & Blood Raw - Intro
02. Blood Raw feat. Dru, Mighty Mike, & Mr. Bone - Make It Rain
03. Blood Raw feat. Mighty Mike, Mr. Bones, & Gator - Florida Anthem
04. Mighty Mike - Where Dey Do Dat At
05. Blood Raw feat. Mr. Bones & Mighty Mike - What U Know About Dat
06. Blood Raw feat. Gator & Mighty Mike - I Do It
07. Blood Raw - Shit 2 Real
08. Blood Raw feat. Mighty Mike & Mr. Bones - Did It 4 Real
09. Blood Raw - Champion
10. Blood Raw introducing Gator, Mighty Mike, & Mr. Bones - Salute You
11. Mr. Bones - Hustlers Life
12. Tanza - Soul Searching
13. Dru - Need A Friend
14. Tanza - Ms Noboby
15. Blood Raw feat. Dru, Mighty Mike, Mr. Bones, & Gator- Get Us Out Da Hood
16. Gator feat. T-Plezya - All About Us

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This dude is trash. I dont understand why Jeezy put this dude on! -theFADEDpenguin
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indictment papers mixtape

indictment papers mixtape wit drama was nice but dude has fallin off after that. are him and jeezy even still cool. dont really see to much blood raw on CTE chit too much now a days
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I just seen dude at the

I just seen dude at the annual "Hood Hard Day"(Im not a fan of the event title either) in ATL dude was wit a bunch of nobody niggz(you know the NOice, NOflyshiton,NOidontgotabottlemydudedoes types) to say he was a "On" rapper. But that was just my observation...