DJ Delz & Nickelus F - Commercials

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01. All I Need (DJ Delz & Nickelus F Intro) [prod. Brad Ohblivion]
02. All I Know [prod. Loki]
03. Me, Myself & I [prod. Zee Imports)
04. Chocolate Milk (SNIPPET) [prod. Conrizzle]
05. Go Head [prod. Boi 1da]
06. Exhibit A Freestyle
07. World of 1000 Dreams [prod. Zee Imports]
08. Natural [prod. Brad Ohblivion]
09. Sport, Entertainment & Fashion [prod. Stefan Skeeter]
10. Kevin Bacon
11. So What You Sayin (ft. G.O.D. Jewels) [prod. Absolute]
12. Esan Jordan (This One’s for You) [prod. Brad Ohblivion]
13. Tony Toca Freestyle
14. Giving [prod. Conrizzle]
15. The Tutorial [prod. Sinoptris]

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That last tape that was posted a few weeks ago from this guy was pretty good, guna DL this one
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what's the verdict?

is this any good or no?-the bitch grab cock and blow like a burner and chances are one of you niggas would clean out her barrel. be middle class and coast for 80 years and chill in paradise vs. sell my soul so i can be straight for 20 years and burn forever.........need i say m
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To be honest

I think he's better than most of these cats out there getting shine.