DJ Drama & 2 Chainz - T.R.U. REALigion

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01 2 Chainz - Intro
02 2 Chainz - Got One [Prod. By Mike Will]
03 2 Chainz - Undastatement [Prod. By Lex Luger & Southside]
04 2 Chainz - Turn Up (Feat. Cap 1) [Prod. By Drumma Boy]
05 2 Chainz - Riot [Prod. By Dj Spinz]
06 2 Chainz - Stunt (Feat. Meek Mill) [Prod. By G Fresh]
07 2 Chainz - Viagra [Prod. By Fatboi]
08 2 Chainz - Spend It (Feat. T.I.) [Prod. By Drumma Boy]
09 2 Chainz - I'm Tity Boi (Skit)
10 2 Chainz - Murder (Feat. Kreayshawn) [Prod. By C Note]
11 2 Chainz - Slangin' Birds (Feat. Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti & Birdman) [Prod. By Drumma Boy]
12 2 Chainz - Addicted To Rubberbands (Feat. J Hard) [Prod. By Drumma Boy]
13 2 Chainz - Money Makin' Mission [Prod. By Lex Luger]
14 2 Chainz - K.O. (Feat. Big Sean) [Prod. By Kb & Josh Holiday]
15 2 Chainz - One Day At A Time (Feat. Jadakiss) [Prod. By Cash Hits]
16 2 Chainz - The Real University (Skit)
17 2 Chainz - Letter To Da Rap Game (Feat. Dolla Boy & Raekwon) [Prod. By M16]
18 2 Chainz - I Got It (Feat. Trey Songz) [Prod. By Mayo]
19 2 Chainz - Kesha [Prod. By Chophouze]

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this tape is awesome, probly my favorite out of all his shit (T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E)

Whats Good

Whats Good


good, very good, lol ...

hot shiiiittttttt my nig 2

hot shiiiittttttt my nig 2 chaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnzzzzzzz keep it up
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2 Chains Kills It

Yo this mixtape cover is mad funny reminds me of that commercial where the dude drops his phone in the urinal and then picks it out and keeps talkin HA. Like any tape from 2 Chains, you got some throwaway tracks and some bangers. People sleep on 2 chains cuz of songs like spend it, but the dude def has some bars and he flows over some dope beats on this tape


Made an account just to say how fuckin official dis mixtape is. Real G shit from track 1 to 19. Best shit I heard all year nuff said..

heard the whole tape and the

heard the whole tape and the beats are dope but thats about it
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Agree on dat shit da beats

Agree on dat shit da beats go hard but there iz no substance only n track 15 6/10"Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang
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made an account just to say how disappointing this tape was.... this nigga was blowin it up like a mufucka, got niggas waitin fa shit when all it is is jus nice beats and 4 word hooks... smh tit fuckin up. hope he saving sum real sht for sumn else. "No subject is terrible if the story is true, if the pros are clean and honest, and if it affirms courage and grace under pressure"
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you wasted yo time making an account/ stfu
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dis shit to real for ya fakes.


- CEO of Fresh Label Music
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Dats da shit

Dats da shit

Whats Good

Whats Good
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