DJ Drama & DJ Sense Present B.o.B. - May 25th

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Look out for B.o.B. - The Adventures Of Bobby Ray dropping May 25th!

01 The Biz
02 Champion (Prod By B.O.B)
03 Bet I - Feat - Playboy Tre (Prod By Kutta)
04 Gladiators - Feat - J.Cole (Prod By Alchemist)
05 Out Of Time (Prod By B.O.B)
06 B Is For B.O.B
07 Fuck The Money - Feat - Asher Roth (Prod By Kanye West)
08 Monique And Me
09 The Rain (Prod By B.O.B)
10 Uno Is My Numeral
11 Suprise Me (Prod By Infinity)
12 Don't Feel So Good (Prod By B.O.B)
13 Cool Side (Prod By B.O.B)
14 2010
15 Fool For Love - Feat - Charles Hamilton (Prod By B.O.B)
16 Nothing For You - Feat - Bruno Mars

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bole420's picture

good tape

DO I SUPPOSE CRY HaHaH~ good tape maybe not his best but decent worth ah D/L...but this dont have all the dj screams..ok maybe ah few {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
fullclipp's picture

howd u get this at 10am?

howd u get this at 10am?
bole420's picture


DO I SUPPOSE CRY HaHaH~ it hadnt drop yet at 10 am but i knew when it was dropn i was ear fulln the bun b tape at that time, this dropped about 11 sum.... {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
fullclipp's picture

word i wanted to no ur

word i wanted to no ur source haha...the tape is pretty good--i wish there was something that rly blew my mind tho
zameltzer1's picture


I feel ya. Beats were ok, but i was hoping for more classic samples like on bob vs bobby ray. Also, he is kinda mimicing Andre 3000 and Luda a little too much for my taste. Needs a slightly more serious side in my opinion to be a fully rounded artist. Kid can sing tho and has range. Just needs to be better harnessed and refocused
zameltzer1's picture

Got it now

Gonna listen to it at work today. is it anywhere near B.o.b vs bobby ray? that was awesome
chop76's picture

Man Ive been waiting on this

Man Ive been waiting on this like that 3 am booty call!!
Jericko's picture

shit is dope

Gladiatorz is the best track on this one. Some of the beats is kinda out there but still sick. Keep em comin BR...
Phuckerall Knight's picture


This shit here ridin' to me, its far from noise pollution and slut-mouth music. {PHUCKERALL KNIGHT WUZNT HERE}
who cares's picture

hell yea

i thought this dropped tomorrow....o well
CRAIG908's picture

One Word

Yung Screw 817's picture


But thats just my opinion.
zameltzer1's picture


that's what I'd give it. if the album is like this it'll suck
Jack.Herer's picture


Not as good as the B.O.B. VS Bobby Ray tape but still pretty good. 7.5/10.
who cares's picture


and it's good. Not as good as his other stuff. But still on point
d wEEZY 1's picture

i fuck wit B.o.b. hes got

i fuck wit B.o.b. hes got skills. he really got my eye with the bob vs bobby ray tape. my only dislike about the dude is that when he raps he sounds exactly like t pain when pain is rappin...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
henderson's picture

FUCK A HATER!!!!!!!!!!