DJ Dredski - Evafresh Dancehall Mix 4


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1 Intro
2 Party Shot
3 Live Fi Dis Style Deh Shot
4 Flossing Monday
5 No Yes Man
6 Lowe Mi
7 Nuh Bwoy
9 Watch U Headback
10 Diss Mi N Fled
10 Intensity Riddim
11 How Some Bwoy
12 Dont Fight Me Down
13 Get Crazy
14 My Life
15 Straight From Mi Born
16 Darkness
17 Dem Ah Runner
18 Di Hardest
19 Send Dem Home
20 Nuh So Di Ting Work
21 Nuh Born As A Punk
22 Hear My Cry
23 Fat Supum Joke
24 Badmind
25 Be Ready
26 Nuh Sell Out
27 Mi Nuh Care
28 Me Ah Pree
29 Gal We Seh
30 Bruk U Back
31 Mad Ova Mi
32 Clean Everyday
33 Money Mi Want
35 Anyone Ah Dem
35 That All Me Care Bout
36 Put It On Hard
37 Original Friend
38 Clean
39 Cut Dem Off
40 Ghetto Road
41 High Grade
42 Get Gyal Easy
43 Get Gyal Easy
44 Beating Stick Riddim
45 Gaza Beating Stick
46 Right Now
47 Badness
48 Money Dun
50 Clean And Come Out
51 Party Everyday
52 One Bag Ah Chat Bout
53 @djdredski Twitter Outro
Symphony Riddim

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Gecko83's picture

Not the worst thing ....

Look everyone wants to put out a quality product no matter what it is, but when you make or put out a bad item you need to be told so you can fix that crap immediately. Dredski is way to heavy on the tagging and his levels are all fucked up. The mix tape is quiet his tags sound like they were shot out of a .44 right next to you. even his cd cover is an indication of shotty work... look if you cant number your tracks right before you make the cover.... Download at your own risk but this should be on DAT Piff not here its not quality enough. Keep it Clean