DJ Fletch Presents Lil Wayne & T-Pain - Lil Pain


1. (00:03:43) Lil' Wayne - Transform Ya (Remix)(Feat. Chris Brown And Teairra Mari)
2. (00:04:30) T-Pain - Number One (Remix)(Feat. R. Kelly And Keyshia Cole)
3. (00:02:34) Lil' Pain - Every Girl (Remix)
4. (00:05:55) Lil' Pain - More Careful (Feat. Trey Songz)
5. (00:03:15) T-Pain - Shawty Wussup (Feat. Day 26)
6. (00:03:05) Lil' Wayne - I Get In (Feat. Omarion)
7. (00:03:45) T-Pain - Take Your Shirt Off
8. (00:00:31) Lil' Wayne - Bad
9. (00:03:4 T-Pain - Hugz (Feat. Shawna)
10. (00:01:44) Lil' Wayne - I Heard Something (Feat. Justin Timberlake)
11. (00:02:59) T-Pain - Hey Girl (Feat. Keri Hilson And Lil' Jon)
12. (00:01:19) Lil' Wayne - Triggerman
13. (00:03:03) T-Pain - Ringtone (Feat. R. Kelly And Jack Splash)
14. (00:04:09) Lil' Pain - Turnin Me On (Remix)(Feat. Keri Hilson)
15. (00:04:35) T-Pain - Blame It (Remix)(Feat. Jamie Foxx And Teairra Mari)
16. (00:04:41) Lil' Wayne - Another Planet (Feat. Huey)
17. (00:03:34) T-Pain - Body Language (Feat. Jesse McCartney)
18. (00:03:46) Lil' Wayne - B4 U Go (Feat. London)
19. (00:03:20) T-Pain - Jukin' And Vibin' (Feat. Tay Dizm And Young Cash)
20. (00:04:30) Lil' Wayne - Big Dawg (Feat. Playaz Circle)
21. (00:04:11) Lil' Pain - Maybach Music 2 (Feat. Rick Ross And Kanye West)
22. (00:05:11) Lil' Wayne - My Darlin' Baby (Feat. Drake)

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i hate when wayne thinking

i hate when wayne thinking he can sing and use that gay ass voice he does

Definition of a Hater

By "gay ass voice" do you mean autotune? If so, why would you even be clicking on a link for a Wayne/T-Pain mixtape? These two artist's autotune reputations precede them. Now I usually try to refrain from using the word hater. If something sucks (in your so humble opinion), it's not hating to say so. But clicking on a link that would bring you to a page to download music that you have no intent on listening to before deciding that it sucks or is "gay" just to leave an insult (which I'm sure Wayne will be torn up over). That, my dear sir, IS hating. And speaking of gay and this guy giving a fuck about another man's voice, Mehyar had this to say of Trae's "The Incredible Truth" tape: "Man i luv dis nigga voice, Its all deep & shiit (NO HOMO)" No homo? Really? For someone who claims not to like dick, you ride an awful lot of it, "all deep & shit".
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ugly bitch

i wasnt talking about autotune fukin dumb ugly bitch, i know wat autotune is u and i like lil wayne and t pain i just said i dont like when wayne think he can sing and he does that voie he does and i said trae's voice goes nice with his dirty south flow and i aint gonna reply to rest of that hal a book u shud wrote about me, i aint got time to beef on the net

ugly ass bitch

i know what autotune is u dumb fukin bitch, i just said i hate when wayne sings with that gay voice he does and im a fan of both t pain and lil wayne so i wasnt hate and i said trae's deep voice goes gud with his dirty south flow and i aint got time to beef on the internet, i bet u have no life writing that book u just wrote about me, someone u dont even know on a mixtape site Kill yo self bitch!
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if you like or hate

if you like or hate regardless both artists are instantly recognisable.

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