DJ Hitz Presents Styles P - D-Block Origins

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1) Styles P Ft. Bully - Machine Gun Rap
2) Styles P Ft. Bucky - Worthless
3) Styles P Ft. Sheek Louch, Si , Snype Life & Bully - Keep Getting It In
4) Styles P - Kick In The Door
5) Styles P & Talib Kweli - The Thrill Is Gone
6) Styles P Ft. Sheek Louch & Bully - Public Enemy #1
7) Styles P Ft. Sheek Louch ,Jadakiss & Si - Get That Paper
8) Styles P Ft. Jim Jones , Young Wonder & Webstar - Uptown
9) Styles P Ft. Snype Life - To The Grave
10) Styles P & Jadakiss - One More Step
11) Styles P - 5 Thousand
12) Styles P & Sheek Louch - Gettin It In
13) Styles P & Evidence - Calmly Smoke
14) Styles P - Hold On
15) Styles P & Jadakiss - We Gonna Make It
16) Styles P - Move Like A G
17) Styles P Ft. Ap - Crime Boss
18) Styles P Ft. Az & Ali Vegas - Its So Hard
19) Styles P , Sheek Louch & Jadakiss - Go Head
20) Styles P - Soul Clap
21) Styles P Ft.Snype Life & St. Laz - Kiss The Corpse
22) Styles P - If U Think I'm Jiggy
23) Styles P & Sheek Louch - Smashtime Radio
24) Styles P & Sheek Louch - Come Follow Me

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Old Shit

but GOOD MUSIC, real hip-hop right here!!! D-Block all day, fuck that kucci mange dude, i'd rather listen to some 6 month old d-block bangas anyday, east coast rap aint dead, it lives on D-BLOCK hahaha


word im wit u nigga, fuck these wack ass southern rappas, D-Block is where its at, them niggas will kill anybody in a battle, n dont think that i wasnt listenin to them when they was the lox, Styles P, hands down is the HARDEST rapper out, true story

fuck southern rappers

fuck southern rappers huh? so you're basically dissin UGK, Bun B, Pimp C (RIP) who just so happened to record one of the greatest singles of all time with one of the greatest UP NORTH rappers of all time, Jay-Z. You're dissin OutKast on of the greatest if not the greatest rap duo of all time, multi-platinum albums and straight classics, ATLiens, ill just stop with that one alone. You're dissin T.I.P who is well respected by up north rappers. You're dissin Three Six Mafia, grammy award winners, you're dissin Luda. You're dissin B.G. of the once hotboyz. Project Pat. So please, thats the problem with the rap game anyway, and what eventually killed B.I.G and Pac, these lame ass coast wars. After BIG and Pac the rap game and its fans still havent learned a lesson. Point is, up north has great artists just like the south does, and the west and the midwest. And just so you know im not bias towards any coast especially up north(im from atlanta btw) i fucks wit Papooose, Cam, D-Block specifically Styles P, Unc Murda, Hell Rell, 40 Cal, Max B, French Montana, Cassidy hell even Drake goes hard when hes freestylin. So chill with all that the south sucks and this and that, yea Gucci Mane isn't your typical rapper, he has a totally different style and you aint gotta like it, yea the south has some horrible rappers, but so does the North, Memphis Bleek lol gimme a break. The fact that you can diss a whole coast shows how ignorant you are to hip hop and the music world as a whole. I wonder would you have the balls to tell Bun B that Pimp C sucks, you'd get your head knocked off. Hell you wouldnt even have the balls to tell TIP with his short ass lol that he sucks. Yea i know i wrote a lot but it annoys me when ignorant people open their mouths.



ayo gemini,i usually dont

ayo gemini,i usually dont even post in these message boards but u nigga, ur a sucker for real. u talkin shit on gucci but u the biggest dickryder out of 95 comments from his new mixtape. quoute......YESSSSSSSS Submitted by JayJayGemini on Fri, 05/15/2009 - 12:35pm. Im so excited, finally here damn, i didnt even get any sleep last nite, just kept checking this website every 15 minutes hoping it would be here, now it is YESSSSSSSS, god i cant wait to here this shit, i know its gonna go super hard, ayy ayy ayy bricks bricks bricks, alrite for real i gotta go now, im gonna jerk off while its downloading, thanks mixtapetorrent i been waitin on this for months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so icey for life gucci gucci, and people please keep all the hate to yourself, nobody here wants to here it, you know aint nobody fuckin with gucci's lyrics, i mean who in the game can make sound effects and spit like gucci? exactly so just D/L this shit or leave!!..................cut it out bitch


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Fuck the east coast

Buncha dick ridas
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fuck you and ya gold mouth funny talkin momma too LOL, go do the stanky leg!


You just been hit upside the head with Gucci's Dick!

man why...

iz dat wigga jayjay talkin down on the south?? ya niggaz go read the comments on gucci's "writing on the wall" that homo jayjay was practicly having an orgasm talkin about "how good" gucci's tape was. YOU FUCKIN FAGGET!!! QUIT FLAPPIN THEM PRETTY AZZ LIPS CUZ I MIGHT JUST STICK MY DICC IN IT YOU FUCKING WIGGA!!! ...fucca!

yeah fuk you killakek, go do

yeah fuk you killakek, go do the ricky bobby you fuckin faggot
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im talkin the artists who

im talkin the artists who comin outta new york recently that hasnt been out for a minute

What a Tard

Styles P looks like the product of a retard and a mongoloid.


why is this newyork niggaz puttin the south downa all the time? YA NIGGAZ LUV OUR STYLE!!! ya niggaz on our dicks more then your bitches!! look at hova, he fucks wit us, jada does too! fat joe practicly lives in miami now!!! jim jones, juelz santana in luv with weezy! fab, raekwon, akon, ect.ect.ect!! all ya niggaz fucc with us! instead of hatin ya niggaz should thank us bcuz if it was'nt for us ya niggaz would'nt get no play at all my nigga!!! like my man THE GAME said... "niggaz cant sell records so they blame it on the south." TRILL TALK MY NIGGA!!! all ya niggaz are WASHED UP! PLAYD OUT!! what ya need is some new blood son. OLD AZZ NIGGAZ! all ya rappers are over 30yrs old. some of ya are like 40 already!!! STEP YO GAME UP LIL NIGGAZ!!! instead of always flappin your lips hatin on us hiding behind them e-mail addresses questioning our intellect, spit some real to the mic my dude!! dont let me catch ya lil bitches on this streetz cuz i'll BREAK YOUR LIL' FINGAZ!!! letz do this.. letz put all the eastcoast garbage on one side of the store, and south shit on the other, and let see who sells more! shit we QUADRUPLE PLATINUM MY DUDE!!! shit fuck around and get us really pissed and we'll cut ya niggaz pipeline too!! cuz ya know ya niggaz even depend on us when it come to weight! sjit we down hea flippin cocain, syrup and pounds. pounds of weed pussi nigga! steady on that grind!! MAAAANNN FUCK THIS!! FUCKING CRY BABIES!!! ...............IM GHOST!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^this nigga

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^this nigga probly 8-10 years old

and to be honest with you

and to be honest with you Stack Bundles(RIP) who was well respected by D-Block and vice versa, Stacks would rip anyone in DBlock, dont get it twisted Styles P and Jada could go toe to toe with Stacks, but in the end Stacks is comin out on top, RRS Riot Squadddd up ATL stand up

U smokin roc roc nigga?

U smokin roc roc nigga? stacks was on his way to bein one of the hardest but he could NEVA FUCK WIT THE GHOST OR JADA especially jada. U must be like 17 or sumthin' so u don't know the half of D-Block's classics.

lol he said am i smokin roc

lol he said am i smokin roc lol "roc" though anyways, my friend you must be 17 b/c if you're any older than that spelling words the way you're spelling them, I'm going to pray for you, matter of fact I suggest you go to take some college level english courses. First of all Stacks wasn't on his way to being the hardest, you idiot, Stacks was already hard. Secondly he's def one of the greatest to bless the mic, I've heard just about every Stack track there is. Not to mention he did a shit load of ghost writing for some of your favorite artists. And he was doin ghost writing for major artists long before he hit 25, and was killed at 25. No one said Jada or Styles P couldnt go hard or that they arent dope, point is Stacks flow is better than both of them and his lines are way doper and more witty. Go listen to some more Stacks man get ya mind right and get off DBlocks nut sack, you comparin Styles to Stacks is silly in itself. Riot Squad said they never saw a pen in the kids hand, Stacks was a lyrical genius, just b/c he didnt get the kind of notoriety as DBlock doesnt mean he was better than Styles or Jada, Seymore Kitty aka the Gorgeous Gangsta couldnt be and still cant be fucked wit. Get a grip nigga! Riot or Die, Squad up

^^^^Have to agree!

Have to agree with you on stacks big fan always will still rock his music across the U.S eryday. one of the greatest to bless the mic. And is better than mostly i say 80% of rapper out to date. R.I.P stack one of those who left sooo soon. But there's no comparing to who's better stacks or styles. honestly dblock at there prime b4 name of dblock was gritty and gutter when the was younger.I say if stacks was alive now yeah he would go harder then dblock. but you can't compare them overall.Shit half of my music library is nothing but stacks but i know im missing more of him music. His music today is still relavent. WWW.FARROCKSTAR.COM UPTOWN BX SHIESTY AVE