DJ Infamous And The Empire - ATL

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1. Yung La Ft Young Dro & TI - Aint I Remix
2. Young Jeezy Ft Shawty Redd - Who Dat
3. Young Dro Ft Yung La - Take Off
4. Oj Da Juiceman - Im Getting Money
5. Yung Ralph-About A Chick
6. Soulja Boy - Swag On
7. Gucci Mane - Stoopid
8. G Spot Boys - Stankey Leg
9. Juney Boomdata - Wassup Wit Da Cookies
10. Fast Life Yungstaz-Swag Surfin
11. Gorilla Zoe - Lost
12. Shop Boyz-Up Thru Dere
13. Shop Boyz-Imma Ball
14. Oj Da Juiceman - Make The Trap Say Aye
15. Dem Get Away Boyz- Imma G
16. Jay & Dre City- Ft Juney Boomdata-Polo
17. Gorilla Zoe Ft Rick Ross-What It Is
18. Young Capone - Shawty
19. Shawty Lo Ft Lil Wayne & Trey Songz-Supplier
20. J money Ft Shawty Lo-Trapper Of The Year

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1st bitches!!!

1st bitches!!!
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Alot of OJ

They call me the juiceman too cause of how i be juicing cocks!
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complete. utter. garbage. every song either sucked or is old. not worth the dl at all i dont let 'em swallow / i show em' how to use it man
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I thought this was that Gay ass Skater/Thug Movie called ATL.. lol.. I was gonna say why the fuck is that Sorry ass Movie on this site this late? Looks like this mixtape is even worse than that Stupid ass gay ass skater hood life ATL movie.

Look at all these Haters

Hot mixtape if you from the ATL if you wanna play something at a party in da A, aint nothing wrong with having somthing to move to, I guess since everyone hating on the south I cant wait to hear what your music sounds like lol