DJ J-Boogie Presents J-Hood - The Best Of J-Hood

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01. Intro
02. Come Out And Play
03. Decisions
04. Freestyle
05. Nigga Wut
06. Freestyle
07. Somethings Here Free
08. I'm From D-Block
09. Young G
10. Call Me Hood
11. Nobody
12. Get Away
13. Shut Em Down
14. Freestyle
15. Who U Wit
16. Hood Speaks
17. Real Dirty
18. On Da Block
19. Ya'll Aint Ready
20. Slow Flow
21. Ya'll Dont Want It
22. Everything You Got
23. Hood Is Mine
24. 16 In Da Clip
25. Freestyle
26. Game Is Dirty
27. Oh Baby
28. Freestyle
29. Shit Hits The Fan
30. Hands Up
31. Devine
32. Hood Speaks
33. Lick Shots
34. Freestyle
35. Get At Me
36. Freestyle
37. Lookin At Me
38. Wall Street
39. D-Block
40. Freestyle
41. Streat Team
42. Freestyle
43. Hood Bangin
44. Mighty D-Block
45. Get Out
46. Freestyle
47. Outro

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bitch boy

this fuckin guy gets NO RESPECT from me anymore, one of my favorite rappers 5 years ago, but the way he handled the whole d-block ordeal made me lose every ounce of respect for him! Never bite the hand that feeds you dike, now your whole career is on "E", call this nigga Joan Rivers!!!
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WTF you got a GPS on my comments or something LOL, stop trollin my shit and go kick rocks nigga!!! Nobody knows you exist, you a NOBODY!!! A fuckin fraud ass internet dork, fuckin geek squad ass nigga!!! go find some frinds to play wit haha!!! This fruitcake got a JayJayGemini comment toolbar on his computer LMFAO.... here comes anotha alert hahahaha
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punk azz whiteboy! real tuff behind the keyboard callin ppl nigga. I dont really appreciate that comin from a punk azz cracker jack like you.. call me dude! FAGGOT!
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since im cracker jack your new name is nigga jack ok, lets play ball!
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i -use- fuck hood.but ya boy fucked up calling meeetings with master splinter(wtf) anyway hood -use- to be hard....i dont fuck with none of that trash ass new shit....but his old shit go in..
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Nice Mix

This is a "best of" mixtape so it has some of his older songs on here. I can't hold grudges against dude, long as he come out with dope music I still fukks wit' him. Who the hell is master splinter cuz?
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Back Off Tha Milk Carton

I been wonderin' what the fukk happened 2 this nigga. He was M.I.A. on the D Block CD. Y'all gotta fill me in on why he ain't fukkin' wit' D Block no more. Peace.


I been using this site for many years now, but I never felt the need to sign up and post shit. I been down with the Lox from the BIG days....anyway when hood came out with with the "bullet proof hoody" free style that shit was fire, as was most of his tracks for those couple years. Only he was a little ugly 16 year old, rapping like he was a 21 year old monster. It just wasn't very believable in my opinion, and thats part of the reason they made the kid wait....the other part was that they themselves were battling the Roc getting established as the best most raw, hardest lyricists in the game making D-Block what it is today. All Jae had to do was sit back and wait another year or two to put out his little flop cd. Yes even though it might have been the hardest album out at the time but who other then the fans (who know who he is)in my area of the east coast (I'm in Philly) would have bought it. If Jada and Styles can't come close to platinum or even half of that then how much would Hood have sold, maybe 25,000 - 100,000 copies if he was very lucky with good promotion. He is nothing without the name D-Block, half of his lyrics was about how great D-Block is and then he pulled that greedy money hungry snake move. If someone don't know what he did then google it I'm not typing that shit.....if I saw him on the street I wouldn't even try to steal his chain cause the shits prob fake, I would just laugh at him...even that clown 50cent was smart enough to use him only one time at a concert to talk reckless about the lox and then sent him on his way. I never downloaded any Jae-Hood tracks after he left, but I heard some of it and its garbage. I'm not sure if this is true but I noticed him spelling his name name J-Hood now I wonder if he did that to avoid paying some kinda royalties to the Lox for his old name. I know you read this shit Joshua searching for a fan base, I hope your little ass gets raped in jail or anywhere for that matter. Go down south and start over they seem to not know what you did around here yet.
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My Response

Now if you are referring to my comments when you wrote this then let me break it down 4 you. First of all, with the short story you just wrote you could've just went ahead and explained what went down between J & D Block. Acting like you didn't have time, you damn near wrote a manuscript. Second of all, nigga, I got 3 kids & fukkin' bills 2 pay, so no, I don't have time 2 keep my face in damn magazines or wherever you find out your info. Third of all, I'm just one damn person in the south so don't say "they don't know", nigga I just didn't know. K.I.M. Peace. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...

I was writing about my hate

I was writing about my hate for Hood...not trying to explain shit to you, or anyone else that don't know about what he did. If I did it would have been a 2nd "manuscript" cause it isn't just one thing he did, but a shit load of disrespectful actions. When I say Google that shit (or some shits at I am being serious not putting down you or the south....but I guessed that most people are prob like you and didn't hear about what some clown did in NYC. But around here people talked about it and it's common knowledge for people that fuck with NY rap. Also I never paid for a hip hop magazine, my info comes strait from the streets.
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My Bad Cuz

Ok, I guess I jumped the gun then cuz. I thought I detected some sarcasm in your comment so I felt the need 2 defend myself. Excuse me. Peace. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Best of hood...

That's like sellin a worst of hip-hop vol 1!! Dudes garbAGE!!! His career has highlights of a total of what 6 good bars!! Please,his dad shoulda pushed his mom down a flight of stairs when he found out she was preg. He's a waste of chromosomes!!! Less air for us to breath!!! Im sorry i had to do it i just cant stand this lil nigga!!!