DJ Kenny Kaign & L'Daialogue DiCaprio Presents - Bluff City Daialogue 3


1. Allegiances And Alliances: Chances And Stances
2. Memphis Made Me Pt. 2
3. Da’ Shape Of Ya’ (Prod By Midi Marc)
4. On 2 Da’ Next 1 (Prod By J-Mack)
5. Almost There
6. Never Be Me Feat. High Ruler King Cane (2deep)
7. Dump Truck Freestyle
8. Freshstrated (Prod By J-Snizzy)
9. Gymnastics (Prod By Dj Mike Swift)
10. So Much 2 Obtain Feat. Drake
11. Sumwhere In Tha’ Middletro
12. Water Cycle
13. Havin Thangs Freestyle
14. New Hate
15. A Freak Of Nature
16. We All Different
17. That Pure
18. Outro (4 Those Other Guys)
19. Memphis Made Me Pt.3 (The Final Made)

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2010-a-key! This is some

2010-a-key! This is some fire underground music, the definition of a true mixtape. Classic Memphis sound from the old days, more like Squeeky than 3-6 though. Check dude out..
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growth & development... yea daialogue been doing his shit a few good tracks on here.....that hoodie will go good with my fitted new era memphis tigers cap {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
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Man can you imagine if coach

Man can you imagine if coach Cal would of stayed, we would of had John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Xavier Henry on the same team! But they still would of found out bout Derrick Rose not takin his test and we would of had all that tallent and wouldnt of been eligble to be in anything
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kinda funny

growth & development... It wae kinda funny how they let him slip by without taking the test I'm like how they let that happen I'm not sure but didn't they take there winning games they won but any way rose the man {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
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Well Rose took the test 3

Well Rose took the test 3 times and couldnt pass it so Cal had someone take the test for him, it was the only way Rose was gettin into college cause hes hoopin but hes slick dumb as a motherfucker too! And they took the wins away and the trip to the championship away, and I think maybe a fine or something else. I guess Im glad Kansas beat us for the championship cause Id hate to have to give that shit up, we and to forfit 2nd place!
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yea it happens.....

growth & development... yea that happens alot you have your top top player he cant pass a test or keep a good gpa to even play ball so the coach try any thing even if it takes to bend the rules......a dumb rich nigga i like be in his shoes no doubt.....but any ways tape good to some...... good memphis underground {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
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Shelby county

Me personally I wasn't feeling this tape. Some of the beats were pretty good though remind me of 8Ball & MJG back in the days. For a local act he straight.. He ain't nothing compared to Yo Gotti. In the end this went to my recycle bin.
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Well Gotti has top notch

Well Gotti has top notch production, give him another couple years to get on that level before you compair him to some of the best


this dude dope as fuck i heard this "History of memphis rap" track he did and been a fan ever since hope this tape lives up to my expectations

InDAIpendent Coming Soon!

Produced entirely by me My beats are better than yours
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ill b looking

fuck dem hustler haters......ill be looking out for that one....the track you drop on here was decent big ups my nigga... {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
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On the BIG SCALE of things,

On the BIG SCALE of things, my opinion really dont amount to much; I aim not to persuade; Just enjoyin music: This is some NICE Memphis Home Grown! What ever happened to that underground Memphis cat Lapeazy? He was nice wit it too;