DJ Keyz - Gangland Vol 7

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1. (00:02:50) Juels Santana Ft. Lloyd Banks - Beamer, Benz Or Bently
2. (00:01:15) Jim Jones - Certified Gangsta Pt2
3. (00:04:23) Juels Santana - Homerun
4. (00:01:40) Jim Jones - Wishing On A Sucker Mc
5. (00:01:36) Cam'rom - Stupid Wild
6. (00:01:45) Juels Santana - I Wanna Rock
7. (00:01:10) Jim Jones - Angles
8. (00:01:25) Jeuls Santana - Move The Dam Thing
9. (00:01:38) Jim Jones - Bust A Move
10. (00:01:23) Cam'ron - Popular Demand
11. (00:01:13) Juels Santana - Swimming In Money
12. (00:01:00) Jim Jones - Love Come Down
13. (00:02:52) Jr Writer - Down Botton
14. (00:02:28) Hell Rell - Victory Lap
15. (00:02:06) Jim Jones - Hit Em Up
16. (00:00:35) Cam'ron - Bolckstars
17. (00:01:12) Jim Jones - Tryna Win
18. (00:02:05) Cam'ron Ft. Vado - Ooh Baby
19. (00:03:11) Juels Santana - Hey Daddy (Daddys Home)
20. (00:00:42) Jim Jones - Supafine
21. (00:02:02) Juels Santana - Gangsta Love
22. (00:01:21) Jim Jones - She Like Me
23. (00:01:56) Juels Santana - Hit Em On The Road
24. (00:03:07) Freekey Zekey - Live It Luv It
25. (00:01:41) Jim Jones - Men Of Respect
26. (00:01:35) Juels Santana - U Aint Got Nothing
27. (00:03:43) Jim Jones - Ball
28. (00:01:17) Jr Writer - Bedrock
29. (00:01:13) Jim Jones - Supa Hot
30. (00:02:38) Hell Rell - I Heard They're Looking For Me
31. (00:04:09) Jr Writer - I'm Just Warming Up
32. (00:02:27) Freeky Zekey - Live Your Life

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Man fuck the other two, even

Man fuck the other two, even if they got back together it could never be the same...Cam'ron is still that dude though..He's in my top 5. And before someone jumps on me and say he's shitty, that's just a personal opinion i'm not sayin he's lyrically top 5..Idk just his flow and style is so different from everybody's..And this tape is all olddd...
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yo nigga i feel you on the

yo nigga i feel you on the cam'ron's style, and yea early to mid 2000's that shit was ridin, but the whole thing about rap is seeing who can stay on top, who can develope around the fad of that year. Cam still has the same flow as before and some say consitency is good, but in my opinion man, in today's rap game, you need to either conform or try something new. as for juelz and jones, those niggas with cam are like the NY hot boys. they arent going to get back together and if they do they are going to suck balls. "fuck that nigga slim"

you right if you wanna stay

you right if you wanna stay on top today you gotta start using voice synthesizer and rapping sloppy as fuck like waka flocka. cam really didnt change shit except the beats. that might not get him on the radio but i still get every goddamn cam tape that comes out still a lot of dipset fans cam fans gonna be out here forever. at least cam is keepin it real and still fucks with hell rell and JR and shit while look at juelz santana with loyd banks what the fuck. jim jones went soft too thats why you dont see that fuck boy in Killa Season. jadakiss kept his same style too and look at him just got signed on the Roc. Not sayin cam's gonna sell out but fuck what MTV thinks about it if the shit is ridin then represent cause cam didnt change shit. not everybody has to be trendy my dude why dont you just be yourself instead of trying to ride rich porters dick and if you like the nigga then listen to him if you dont then go cop that new soulja boy you lame