DJ Kutt Throat - Fake I.D. 4


01 Dj Kutt Throat - Call The 4 (Intro)
02 Young Scooter Feat. Future & Skool Boy - Spoil Myself
03 Yung Tone Feat. Future - Say No Mo
04 Roscoe Dash - Awesome
05 Young Thug Feat. Future - Everythang
06 Mykko Montana - Do It
07 Yung Booke Feat. Future - It Might Be
08 Rich Kid Shawty Feat. Slim Dunkin - Dwayne Wade (Remix)
09 Roscoe Dash Feat. Waka Flocka Flame & Gorilla Zoe - Swish
10 Self Paid - Do Numbers
11 C.R.G. - Right Now
12 City Boyz - Smash Time
13 Wiz Khalifa Feat. Travis Porter - Exit Row (Remix)
14 Sas Feat. Ali Of Travis Porter - Drop
15 T Hood - My Bad
16 Fly Guy Veto - Sound Bout Rite
17 Roscoe Dash - Angel
18 J Woodz Feat. Yung Tone - Mind Blown
19 Young Heavy Feat. Skool Boi & Future - Um On
20 Da Mainiacs - Watch Out
21 Asia Beverly - F.T.J.L.D.
22 Reble Gang Feat. Y.C. - Feeling Myself
23 Tahjz Mahal Feat. Rich Kidz - Need Sumthin'
24 Tony Mon Feat. Skool Boy - W.E.T.F.I.T.

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This tape garbage af its all

This tape garbage af its all about tryin 2 pull sum girl type songz and they not even decent on top of that you hear the dj talkin the whole time Kutt Throat needa 2 learn to shut the fuck up n let a nigga hear the song and inspeakin of songs the song are mixed in with each other so the 1st main hook of evry song is mixed in with the ;ast so you gotta wiat half way to even try to hear the song clearly.....Bottom line sleep on this one!