DJ Moe Sticky & DJ Big Biz - RnB State Of Mind 9


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finally a new rnb mixtape,

finally a new rnb mixtape, how come they only come out like every two weeks?
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so how is it

no one ever comments on the r&b...

rnb is nice

cam_miAmi1 wrote:
no one ever comments on the r&b...
rnb is NOWAY as good as rap but its good, if you have a girl or you have a crush on someone, its nice to listen to..
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I can't really comment on R&b well. I have no idea what is good or bad. Some is catchy but i just download so my baby won't bust her eardrums when she ride with me
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For you Gehyar... replace girl with MAN BEAR

Enough of this irritating DJ

This DJ needs to stick to the tables (most likely his CD Mixer) and quit talkin. This shizz is just too aggrevating to listen to. -Delete Garbage-
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Why did you take your video

Why did you take your video down?? And how come I never see you comment on hard tapes, you're always around Drake or some dude that calls hisself Chick tapes?? And Im not ever going to ask bout that PM you sent Screw, but if I was a mod like mfizzle you'd be creating a new account right now.
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Its Decent

Some of these I already got but imma give the new ones a shot and get back to yall........


The R&B might be ok on this CD I dunno because the DJ does not SHUT UP long enough for you to hear. Every song this nigga screaming at the top of his lungs talking bout this my part or listen to this... He is like the person that yoou hate to go to the movies with cause you know they have already seen it and they are gonna want to talk.... SHUT UP!!!!!!