DJ Moondawg & DJ Head Debiase - Midwest Kush 3


01. Last Time I Checked (Bo Deal)
02. Rich Nigga Shit (Willie The Kid Feat. Big Joe)
03. Fresh (Stretch Money Feat. Crane Novacane)
04. Criminal (Bump J)
05. G Like Me (Bubb Bentley-Bemis)
06. Jewels (Civi Mahdi Feat. Willie The Kid)
07. Get Around (Marvo)
08. That's The Way (La The Darkman)
09. What They Know Pt. 2 (Supanatra)
10. Playboy (Lupe Fiasco)
11. Paradox [Remix] (Tekh Togo Feat. Willie The Kid)
12. Everything To Gain (La The Darkman)
13. Get It Together (Pat Pat Feat. Mutt Dogg)
14. Today Was A Good Day (Naledge)
15. Pardon Me (East 94 Boys)
16. Erykah Badu (Hot 2 Def)
17. Freaky World (Civi Mahdi)
18. It's On (Supanatra Feat. Searius Add)
19. Take (Marvo)

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